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Ibexa Commerce - The shop software for modern B2B E-Commerce

Ibexa Commerce

The shop software for modern B2B e-commerce

Ibexa Commerce was developed specifically for B2B online trade. It offers your customers comprehensive e-commerce functions for an optimised B2B shopping experience across all channels. The B2B shop software is a key component of the B2B Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP. Medium-sized companies and large enterprises from various industries rely on the shop solution as a reliable platform for their digital strategy.

Shops, websites, services - made possible by an integrated platform

Ibexa Commerce is a sophisticated shop software for B2B e-commerce that demonstrates its strengths as a stand-alone solution or as part of a comprehensive online platform for outstanding customer experiences along the entire customer journey.

The online shop offers sophisticated functions that are specifically aimed at B2B customers. The software seamlessly integrates your existing processes and systems. For example, Ibexa Commerce consistently uses the business logic of the ERP system, it can process product data from PIM systems and customer data from the CRM.

As part of the B2B Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP, the shop software not only supports your customers with their purchases, but also maps the entire customer journey online. The Digital Experience Platform includes a content management system, personalisation and experience tools. It enables the maintenance of sophisticated websites and powerful online shops including services, consulting and other online offers. This makes the platform the basis for the successful implementation of your digital strategy.

The most important features of Ibexa Commerce explained.

  • Dedicated shop software for B2B e-commerce

    Ibexa Commerce supports your B2B customers with sophisticated features and processes

    Ibexa Commerce product page in two devices

    Ibexa Commerce offers tools for wholesalers and B2B customers that make daily work with the B2B shop easier. Functions include quick orders, orders via barcode scan, saved shopping baskets or direct contact with the responsible office staff. Typical convenience functions from the B2C sector such as watch lists, product comparisons and extensive search and filter functions complete the range of functions.

    The customer centre is one of the key functions for B2B customers. The customer himself knows his business processes best. With the Customer Centre, customers decide and manage access rights, budgets and workflows independently. Whether it's assortments, content or functions - everyone only sees what they are supposed to see. Established ordering and approval processes can be adhered to via the online shop just as they were previously offline.

    All customer-specific conditions are available online with Ibexa Commerce. In addition, individual documents and product information that used to be requested from the sales office can be downloaded via the self-service platform. B2B customers can now order whenever it suits them, independent of office and order hotline times.

  • Use real-time data and processes from the ERP in the online shop

    Integrate current prices, stock levels and customer data via standard interfaces

    The cornerstone of an outstanding shopping experience and optimal business customer services is a real-time connection to the corporate ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics AX or SAP. ERP industry solutions are also widespread, particularly in medium-sized businesses, as they minimise implementation costs considerably with their predefined, industry-specific processes and modules. Ibexa Commerce is optimised for use with various ERP systems and industry software solutions, such as KatarGo, GOB unitop, LS retail, knkVerlag and KUMAVISION ERP.

    The middleware B2B-Connector is responsible for the smart ERP integration. The online shop uses it to map complex and customer-specific price rules from the ERP and additional processes from other systems online in real time. This means, for example, that customer Muller receives product A at a special price based on his negotiated conditions and an additional quantity discount, while customer Smith sees the normal price.

    The integration solution ensures that your B2B online shop is online even if the ERP system is not available. To ensure high availability, the shop briefly falls back on list prices and shows the prices for the customer even without an ERP real-time connection. As soon as the connection is re-established, the middleware transmits the orders received to the ERP system.

    Integrated statistics tools and the e-commerce cockpit from Ibexa Commerce ensure that the shop operator has a good overview of the activities in the web shop at all times.

  • B2B shops, multi-shop solutions and key account connection via Punchout/OCI

    Ibexa Commerce adapts and can host B2B, B2C or mixed online shops

    Ibexa Commerce offers the right functions and the optimal user interface for each target group. The shop software thus adapts to your requirements and provides you with the necessary scope for the future. With the shop solution, your B2B customers benefit from the convenience of a B2C shop, combined with many well thought-out features and processes that make everyday life easier for B2B buyers.

    Merchants can not only operate their own B2B shop with Ibexa Commerce, but also set up B2B2C multi-shops. For example, multi-vendor shops for your specialist dealers and even your own marketplaces can be mapped with the e-commerce solution. You can also create mixed shop environments for B2B customers and end customers as well as multi-brand shops in one platform.

    For major customers, resellers offer a direct ordering option from the customer's ERP system with Punchout/OCI. This is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty and enable very simple and fast procurement processes for the customer.

    Various design themes take into account the different requirements of business and end customers. The shop design can also be used to customise the product information for each target group. For example, retailers see detailed technical information in the form of tables and lists. For end customers, the focus is on user-oriented product texts and images. Variant functions adapted to the respective target group reflect the different ordering habits of retailers and end customers.

    Ibexa Commerce offers the right solution for every target group and every purpose. Check out the Feature Tour for more information.

  • Better customer experiences through personalised content, products and services

    The online shop as part of a DXP - because successful e-commerce means more than just selling

    Relevant and useful content builds trust with your customers and highlights your expertise. It also leads to better search engine rankings for your website and B2B shop. Ibexa Commerce scores as a core component of the Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP with the seamless integration of products and content.

    With Ibexa DXP, you use a comprehensive platform that combines e-commerce and content management system and rounds it off with a personalisation solution and experience tools. The feature-rich solution contains all the functions of Ibexa Commerce and also helps you to skilfully showcase your content and services. Present your brand in the best possible way, design target group-specific product pages, topic specials and landing pages and offer additional services and advice to accompany your customers optimally before and after the purchase.

    Your visitors will always find the right product or the desired information. This is ensured by the integrated, powerful search, which finds relevant results across products and content. The integrated personalisation also delivers sales-promoting content and product recommendations. When your visitors can order the right products easily and conveniently from a content feature, they become buyers.

    Ibexa DXP Content & Commerce
  • Expandable solution with future-proof technology

    Ready-to-use add-on modules and standard interfaces make the online shop flexible to use and future-proof

    B2B commerce places special demands on an e-commerce solution. Depending on the industry and customer group, an e-commerce solution should be able to be adapted as well as possible to the specifics.

    We have therefore developed many modules with which we can put together the right modular e-commerce solution for a project without reinventing the wheel.

    Ibexa Commerce relies on state-of-the-art and future-proof technologies such as a service-oriented architecture with open interfaces. The modular structure of the e-commerce solution offers you plenty of scope to gradually expand and adapt the software. It is also possible to start with the online shop and later switch to the Digital Experience Platform for B2B without any problems.

    Of course, the online shop and website are responsive and can be expanded via Headless Commerce with individual frontends for each channel. Ready-made modules are available for typical additional functions, such as a Progressive Web App with Mobile Scanner, a marketplace connection or a product configurator.

    The e-commerce solution supports various data providers. Choose the right data provider for your catalogue and sell a million products or more quickly and efficiently. Product data from PIM or ERP systems are integrated fast and smoothly in this way.

    The e-commerce solution uses a standardised communication interface that communicates ideally with the B2B-Connector and intelligently integrates ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP. The use of industry standards such as UBL (Universal Business Language) leads to a high level of standardisation.

    Varnish Cache, ESI (Edge Side Includes) and HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) are just some of the technical processes that Ibexa Commerce uses in the standard. Altogether, these technologies ensure excellent performance.

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