B2B-Connector AX Adapter - The intelligent shop interface to your Microsoft Dynamics AX

AX Adapter

The intelligent online interface to your Microsoft Dynamics AX

For the B2B-Connector middleware, the adapter to Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) provides a proven online interface that connects your ERP securely and in real-time to your online platform. Via the AX interface, you can use the processes from Dynamics AX online: Customer-specific prices, complex products and variants, up-to-the-minute stock levels as well as customer data ensure an outstanding customer experience in your online shop.

Transferring established processes and B2B customer relationships to an online platform is a complex task. With the middleware B2B-Connector, an intelligent integration solution is available that utilises special adapters such as the adapter for Dynamics AX to make your systems and business processes available online.

Via a web service, the adapter makes specifically authorised, pre-defined functions and data from Microsoft Dynamics AX available to the online platform. These processes can then be used by your online shop, for example, to enable customer-friendly and efficient B2B purchasing.

The adapter for Dynamics AX supports AX version 2009 with Application Integration Framework (from 4.0). The web service interface is based on the widely used Open-TRANS format. All data is checked via a configurable mapping.

By using an Application Object Server (AOS) especially for requests from the webshop, the internal system does not undergo any load.

Middleware B2B-Connector ERP version

Supported Dynamics AX versions

  • Application Integration Framework Web Services AX 2009
  • For newer AX versions a web service interface (SOAP) on the part of AX is required. The web service must support the web service methods required by the shop (e.g. reading of customers, pricing, orders, ...).

Available standard functions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Read article master and article hierarchy
  • Read, change and create contacts
  • Read, change and create debtors
  • Read and create delivery addresses
  • Create quotations directly
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Stock enquiry for defined storage locations
  • Read posted sales documents
  • Read active sales transactions
  • Multi-client processing
  • Multi-currency & multi-language capability
  • Web service interface
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