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Multishop - A platform for e-commerce ecosystems


A platform for e-commerce ecosystems

The Multishop platform is aimed at wholesalers and manufacturers who want to sell different product ranges or manage several shops under one interface - on their own or together with partners. From multi-brand shops to multi-vendor shops to your own marketplace, the Multishop is just the right platform.

The Multishop is an extremely flexible platform that supports versatile sales strategies. From the integration of your sales network with dealer shops to separate brand or country shops or a shop-in-shop model to (regional) marketplaces with diverse suppliers and assortments, the Multishop covers many scenarios.

This is made possible by the modular structure of the Multishop platform based on the mature B2B shop software Ibexa Commerce. Use exactly the modules that fit your strategy or gradually expand the e-commerce platform with further modules.

We would like to introduce you to three typical scenarios that can be mapped with the multishop platform.

Dealer platform with online presence or shop for the sales partners

Suitable for:

  • Setting up webshops for your partners who do not yet have their own shop
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
Multishop Scenario 1 Dealer integration

Scenario 1: Dealer integration with the Multishop

Some companies, such as manufacturers or purchasing associations, want to give their specialist retailers the opportunity to enter the online business as easily as possible. This can be achieved with the multishop platform without high investments and long project runtimes. Via the dealer platform, specialist dealers can be connected quickly and increase their visibility. With a dealer shop, they can sell their products online themselves without having to start their own shop project.

Dealers benefit from the central platform that contains the manufacturer's product range. They only have to decide whether they want to sell and ship themselves or broker sales from their shop to the central platform for a commission. It is also possible to enable dealers to be found only via a pure dealer search. Customers can find specialist dealers and branches in their area and can check the services offered or request a quote via the platform.

A platform with several independent shops for brands and countries

Suitable for:

  • Setting up several country or brand shops
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Internationally active companies in the B2B sector
Multishop Scenario 2 Brand and Country shops

Scenario 2: Brand and country shops based on the multishop

The multishop platform also supports companies in managing different brand and country shops. This makes it possible to focus not only on an individual design but also on very specific product ranges, content and target groups.

Internationally operating trading companies can use the Multishop to operate different online shops of their own in the various markets. These go far beyond a different language version for each country.

With the Multishop, the online shop can focus on a particularly popular product segment in each country and present it prominently in the shop. Furthermore, it is possible that the web shop in one country only addresses B2B customers, while the shop in another country also has B2C business in mind and therefore wants to position and design the shop differently.

The individual brands or local subsidiaries manage and customise their shop independently within the multishop platform. They can access all the products of the parent company via the central platform and compile the desired assortments.


E-commerce platform for building your own marketplace

Suitable for:

  • Setting up a joint procurement portal or marketplace
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
Multishop Scenario 3 Marketplace

Scenario 3: Your own marketplace with the Multishop

If other suppliers should also be given the opportunity to offer their products on the e-commerce platform, then the Multishop offers the right range of functions for this purpose as well. Companies can use the platform to set up a local marketplace or an industry-specific procurement portal, for example.

Participating traders can upload their own products and prices. They thus offer additional product ranges and increase the attractiveness of the shopping platform for the customer. The products on the marketplace are either shipped by the traders themselves or can be shipped centrally via the platform operator.

With the sales option for external suppliers, the Multishop platform takes into account the trend that more and more companies are using B2B marketplaces as a purchasing channel. Because here they can conveniently combine all purchases in one platform and also more effectively compare offers.


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