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Multishop platform with Dynamics AX integration for multi-brand shops and multi-vendor shops for M.K. Electronic

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B2B2C e-commerce platform for electronics

In its B2B2C multishop with Microsoft Dynamics AX connection, M.K. Electronic manages 1.5 million products and sells them worldwide via its own online shops and partner shops. With an update of the e-commerce platform, M.K. Electronic wants to implement new convenience functions for B2B customers as well as process optimisations. For the relaunch, silver.solutions is using the Multishop, which will be expanded with individual adaptations especially for M.K. Electronic. The ERP Dynamics AX is connected via the B2B-Connector middleware.

Multishop with multi-brand shops and multi-vendor stores

M.K. Electronic has been successfully operating an international B2B online shop with silver.solutions' e-commerce software for eleven years. This is a multi-shop platform that combines several country shops, different brands and even shop-in-shops for distributors and subsidiaries in one platform. Through these subsidiaries and distributors, M.K. Electronic sells original spare parts as well as refill and refurbished articles to companies and end customers in its shops.

The multishop thus combines not only individually configurable country shops, but also multi-brand shops and multi-vendor shops. Each of these shops has its own area in the backend that can be individually configured and designed. At the same time, all online shops benefit from a central product catalogue that is controlled by Microsoft Dynamics AX. The ERP system is connected securely and in real time to the online platform via the B2B-Connector middleware.

Thanks to the flexible multi-shop architecture, M.K. Electronic can launch new shops in a short time, for example to equip certain brands or countries with their own shops or to sell different product ranges.

Flexible platform for heterogeneous distribution structure

The new multi-shop solution takes into account the requirements of M.K. Electronic's sales structure. Some of the shops are independently operating brand or country shops of M.K. Electronic, others are operated as shop-in-shop by external partners.

Some of the shops access data and processes directly from M.K. Electronic's central ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX. These shops are connected to the AX clients.

However, not all retailers rely on an ERP system, but instead import their products and data and manage them directly in their online shop.

The shop-in-shops and brand shops have a variety of choices and settings.

Each branch can select the brands to be offered from the total assortment.

Additional functions are available for the Shop in Shops:

The shop operator can manage and filter their customers in the multishop platform, set up and assign customer price groups, upload prices and shop freight costs.

Orders can also be managed in the shop: after checking, the shop operator can transfer the orders as purchase orders to the ERP of the head office and has a comprehensive overview of the shop orders received and their status as well as of their ERP orders. Here, too, a very high-performance search supports the shop operator in their work.

An export function allows them to transfer the incoming orders as CSV or XML to their internal systems.

A common platform for sales in the B2B and B2C sectors

The individual shops sell to both B2B and B2C customers. Therefore, it is essential that each visitor sees exactly the information that fits his or her customer profile. M.K. Electronic and its shop operators can, for example, shop different legal information such as general terms and conditions for each shop, both for B2B customers and for end customers. B2B customers are also shown net prices, while prices for end customers include VAT.

While some online shops ship directly to end customers, other retailers can decide for each order whether the goods are to be sent from the M.K. headquarters to the customer or whether they are to be sent to their own logistics centre. From there, it can then be sent on by the trader to the customer. In the latter case, an order is placed by the retailer with the M.K. centre, while the customer receives the goods and the invoice directly from the retailer.

Online shop reflects special features of the M.K. product range

When selling original spare parts and consumables such as toners, compatibility with the customer's equipment must be guaranteed. Since end customers can also order in the M.K. shops, secure identification of the correct parts is essential.

This is why M.K. Electronic relies on the Product Finder, a guided search that leads the customer step by step through the selection process. The Product Finder takes dependencies into account and in the end presents the customer with exactly the product he or she needs.

In addition to new products, M.K. Electronic also offers refurbished items and a refill service. In both cases, the customer must accept special terms and conditions. In the case of refill articles, there is also the fact that the customer has to send the empty product to the dealer via a return process.

Framework agreements, RMA process and co.

Some of M.K. Electronic's B2B customers have concluded framework agreements that grant them special conditions for a contractually regulated purchase quantity. The e-commerce platform retrieves these conditions directly from the ERP system Dynamics AX. The customer can check the current status in their customer area to see how many articles have already been purchased within the framework agreement.

In its online shop, M.K. displays the actual stock of a product. The shop obtains the availability from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Furthermore, extensive statuses were implemented for the electronics retailer, for example for products that need to be reordered or are permanently out of stock. In addition, the customer receives a notice if there is a newer version of the article. For each product, all compatible devices are clearly listed for the customer.

The RMA process at M.K. Electronic is designed in such a way that the customer must first provide some information. He or she enters invoice data, delivery note number, customer number or similar and must transmit the serial number of the product. This data is sent to the ERP in real time and checked, for example, whether the return is still registered within the warranty period. If everything is correct, the customer then receives an RMA number that is generated in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

silver.solutions has also expanded the platform to include a marketplace connection, which will enable the individual shops to offer their products on various B2C and B2B marketplaces in the future.

More satisfied customers with the modern Multishop solution

M.K. Electronic has brought its Multishop platform up to date. Many improvements to the e-commerce solution make the daily work more efficient for the individual shop operators. Customers benefit from modern shop functions, up-to-date and clear product information and a user-friendly and reliable product selection with the Product Finder. With a marketplace connection, M.K. Electronic is well prepared to open up new channels.

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