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Digital Experience Platform DXP

Ibexa DXP

Digital Experience Platform for the perfect B2B customer experience

With the Ibexa DXP for B2B you create a digital experience for your customers. The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) links products and content and puts the customer experience at the centre. The customer finds exactly what they are looking for, cross-channel and personally selected for them. The basis for this is the sophisticated Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP, which controls and personalises purchasing, information, services and all customer interactions with the company.

A scalable platform for digital customer experiences

The Ibexa DXP is a Digital Experience Platform explicitly developed for the B2B sector. As a long-standing partner of Ibexa (formerly eZ Systems), silver.solutions develops and implements e-commerce software and components based on Ibexa software. Through the interaction of e-commerce, professional CMS and a recommendation engine for personalisation, the software has matured into a powerful Digital Experience Platform for B2B trade: the Ibexa DXP.

With the Digital Experience Platform, B2B companies rely on a modern and perfectly integrated platform for content, e-commerce, personalisation and omnichannel solutions. The scalable architecture, open interfaces as well as the Headless architecture make the Ibexa DXP particularly flexible and future-proof. By the way, the e-commerce module for Ibexa DXP was developed by silver.solutions.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Customer Journey

Implementation of a DXP in the B2B sector

Online shop, CMS and personalisation play a central role in a DXP project. These components - Ibexa CommerceIbexa Content and Ibexa Personalization - are perfectly coordinated in Ibexa DXP and proved successful in many customer projects in B2B commerce.

However, customers do not receive a monolithic solution made up of predefined modules that also contains components they do not want to use. Instead, they benefit from a B2B platform that enables customized e-commerce applications and websites. Customers can use the modules that make sense for their business and can expand and adapt the platform at any time.

Merchants also have the option of expanding their B2B e-commerce platform step-by-step into a Digital Experience Platform for B2B. The software's open and flexible architecture allows for the integration of additional features and processes. An upgrade is possible at any time, so that the software is future-proof and meets the requirements of your digital strategy of tomorrow.

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