Service & Support - Support and optimisation for your e-commerce platform

Service & Support

Support and optimisation for your e-commerce platform

After the launch of your new e-commerce platform, the experts at will provide you with ongoing support. We analyse your B2B online store and implement optimisations that ensure the lasting success of your platform.

With the launch of an e-commerce platform, a project is considered successfully completed. So you could sit back and relax. But you shouldn't do that, and neither should we.

Your online store should be continuously optimised after the launch. Because no matter what your business model looks like or what your target group is made up of, there is always room for improvement and new developments in e-commerce that need to be explored. Perhaps you have received initial feedback from your customers after the launch of your online store, which you would like to implement in the form of new features or optimisations. therefore offers continuous analysis and further development of your e-commerce platform. In close cooperation with you, we implement optimisations and new features that offer your customers an even better shopping experience.

You should ask yourself these questions after the go-live:

  • Are the processes efficiently designed for the customer?
  • Can usability be improved even further?
  • Are there ways to increase sales with new functions?

Contractually guaranteed support and training

A support contract with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides you with ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of your e-commerce platform.

After the introduction of the new store solution, we train your employees so that you can make the most of the modern e-commerce functions and your digital strategy becomes a complete success.

How supports you after the go-live

  • Contractually guaranteed, continuous support
  • Intensive training of your employees
  • Consulting on trends and useful improvements
  • Extensions through additional functions and modules
  • A/B tests to improve conversions and usability
  • Compatibility adjustments when updating your systems
  • Support with tools like Google Analytics
  • Information on legal changes

Consulting and expansion of your e-commerce platform

We consult you at any time on the next steps of your digital strategy and implement individual extensions of the e-commerce platform for you. 

In addition to the ongoing further development of the platform, we also evaluate trends and check whether you benefit from them. We also inform you about changes in the legal situation so that you are not surprised by new legal regulations and similar requirements.

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