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B2B-Connector - The ERP interface for integrated processes


The online interface for fully integrated processes

The B2B-Connector middleware is the universal control centre between your online platform and your existing business systems and processes. Use up-to-the-second stock levels and customer-specific prices from the ERP, product data from the PIM, customer data from the CRM and other existing data and processes in your online shop and on your website to offer your customers an optimal user experience and better service.

With a middleware that addresses various interfaces, you can make all your systems and processes available online. The B2B-Connector acts as a central integration solution, smart control centre and security instance. Wherever you interact with your customers and use your data and processes online, the middleware ensures that everything runs smoothly. The B2B-Connector uses special adapters to access the respective systems via interfaces. You only use the adapters that you really need.

How the B2B-Connector optimises your processes and makes customers happy

Save time and money by connecting your online platform with your existing systems and processes. Consistently use existing business logic and data from your ERP, CRM, PIM and other systems. Benefit from efficient e-commerce processes and relieve your employees with automated workflows.

Duplicate data storage and additional work are eliminated. Thanks to the B2B-Connector, you always display up-to-date information in the online shop. The B2B-Connector accesses the data securely and in real-time via the adapters.

Well-designed processes and functions are the foundation for an outstanding customer experience. Delight your customers with state-of-the-art features in the web shop, on your website and on all other channels. This only becomes possible through the seamless interaction of all solutions and business processes in your company. Design all interactions along the entire customer journey with the right data and smart processes to create a unique experience for the customer.

Central integration solution for your online platform

Our specially developed adapters are adapted to the interfaces of the respective systems and make the processes and data available in your online platform. Whether you want to connect your SAP system or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics AX, the right adapter for your ERP system brings your existing processes online. For example, you can use complex pricing rules from your ERP and transfer orders or enquiries from the shop to your ERP.

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Integration for PIM, CRM and more

Do you manage your product data in a Product Information Management system (PIM) such as Informatica PIM, Akeneo or OpusCapita PIM? Or do you use a Media Asset Management like Informatica MAM for your product images and videos? The B2B-Connector middleware can retrieve this data via a suitable adapter like the PIM adapter and use it in your B2B online shop.

You can also use the customer data from your CRM solution, for example Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Aurea CRM, securely and up to date for your e-commerce processes.

Other adapters can, for example, connect document management systems such as ELO or Easy Archiv as well as common databases, business intelligence or track & trace processes.

B2B-Connector consolidates data from several systems

The middleware retrieves the required data from the ERP, CRM, PIM or other systems and makes it available in the shop in real time. Of course, it can also send data from the shop back to the connected systems, for example, transmit orders to the ERP, send customer profiles to the CRM or transfer transaction data from the shop to a BI tool for evaluation.

The B2B-Connector can intelligently merge data coming from different sources and decides what to do with this data. For example, customer data from the ERP and CRM can be used, as well as product data from the ERP, PIM or MAM. The middleware consolidates the data reliably.

More security through intermediate middleware

The middleware increases the security of your entire IT infrastructure because the online shop never communicates directly with your CRM, ERP and other systems. Instead, the B2B-Connector controls exactly which predefined messages and data may be exchanged.

No business-critical data or sensitive customer data is stored in the online shop itself. These are only retrieved in encrypted form via the middleware at runtime. This way, the data is always up to date, but additionally protected from unauthorised access by the middleware.

High availability of your e-commerce platform

With the B2B-Connector, your online shop is always available. Even if a single system is unavailable, the shop is still reliably accessible. Fallback processes were developed precisely for this purpose. In the case of an ERP system that is offline, for example, predefined price lists are used temporarily. If the ERP system is finally accessible again, the orders received are forwarded to the ERP by the middleware.

Through monitoring, problems can be detected quickly and corrected before your customers notice anything. Caching is also possible, for example to cushion increased price requests to your ERP system. This reduces the load on both your ERP and the online shop.

Future-proof, expandable solution

Numerous adapters are available ready for use. In addition, further adapters can be developed as required and adapted to your individual systems and processes.

The middleware is not only expandable with new adapters at any time and adapts to your requirements, it also consistently relies on standard interfaces. These interfaces can be REST, web services or ODBC, for example. The data format used for communication between the online shop and the B2B-Connector also uses UBL as an established standard.

This guarantees you the highest compatibility and makes the solution future-proof. It minimises the adaptation effort when updating individual systems. If you update your ERP system, for example, the B2B-Connector will continue to function in such a way that the online shop uses the defined interface and any necessary adjustments can be made in the B2B-Connector. This minimises project risks and avoids unnecessary follow-up costs.

We are happy to advise you in detail about the advantages of the B2B-Connector middleware and show you how the B2B-Connector can support your processes.

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