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Online shop and ERP - A good connection

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  • Why ERP system and shop must work together seamlessly
  • Three types of ERP integration
  • How to avoid mistakes during the ERP connection
  • 8 functions that are crucial in the B2B online shop

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About the ERP integration white paper

B2B customers already buy 75 percent of their products online. The expectations that buyers have for online shops indicate that shop operators can score points especially with well thought-out functions and efficient processes.

A good ERP connection is essential and makes working with the shop system easier. Without ERP integration, several systems would have to be maintained in parallel. This not only causes additional work, but is also a source of error and creates a problem with regard to the reliability of the information displayed. This means: The more of the existing processes from the ERP can be used, the better.

In B2B trade, online shops that avoid errors in the online ordering process and always display correct data score points. This can be achieved with clean ERP integration, which provides data securely and reliably and, if possible, in real time in the web shop.

There are three options for ERP integration into the shop, all of which have their pros and cons. In the white paper, we present these three options in more detail and use examples to show you which aspects are important for the ERP connection in the online shop.

White Paper
Online shop and ERP - A good connection
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