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Jobs - Working for the e-commerce service provider silver.solutions in Berlin


Working for the e-commerce service provider silver.solutions in Berlin

silver.solutions is developing great products and realises interesting projects for customers from a wide range of industries. The work is exciting and varied. And apart from the projects, working here is a lot of fun. We are a great team with a friendly atmosphere, healthy lunch, office cats and much more.

1. Friendly working environment

Forget the cold office environment – here you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our colleagues are as diverse as our projects. Everyone contributes their own unique strengths and interests to the job. In our team there is a constant exchange of experience. Here no one is left in the lurch or left to despair over a problem. There is always a nice colleague to provide support and advice. Teamwork and togetherness are the name of the game here.

2. More than just food

Every morning the crew hungrily awaits the colleague with the bread rolls. Another large cappuccino or coffee from the purebred Italian espresso machine and the world looks a lot better already. At lunchtime we don't offer cheap canteen meals or fast-food. Here the employees themselves cook for each other and together. Every day fresh and delicious meals are prepared by a colleague. And of course even the bosses have to regularly show off their culinary skills.

3. Flexible working hours

Not all our staff are full-time – some also work part-time. Not only mothers and fathers find it important to harmonise their private life and their job as far as possible. We work on the basis of understandings and reliability. Flexibility and occasional working from home are not a problem.

4. Activities outside work

We not only spend time with each other in the office, but also regularly plan excursions and activities outside work. And our Christmas parties are also a highlight every time. 
In our small back yard you can play a round of basketball and clear your head. The fresh air and exercise enable you to go back to your work full of energy.

5. It's never boring here

We deal with many different projects and clients. What's important is to keep familiarising yourself with new areas of the business and take on new challenges. The IT specialists among us need to be be proficient in a range of programming languages, frameworks and development concepts, e.g. PHP, template programming, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, Symfony 3+4, Doctrine, eZ Platform, SASS, LESS and others. But it doesn't stop at programming. Everyone needs to look beyond their immediate role and see what marketing, design and sales are doing. For that reason it never gets boring here.

6. Working amongst nature

Had enough of a stuffy atmosphere and city bustle? So have we. That's why our office is in Köpenick, the green heart of Berlin, in a beautiful old villa. It also has a sunny terrace and a small garden. And is nonetheless still easy to reach by bus, tram and S-Bahn.

7. Benni

However, there are more than people in our office. A small, furry, black eating and purring machine does its best to get you to stroke it by looking cute and miaowing. And if you don't like cats too much – as some don't – just gently push him away.

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