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Successful e-commerce projects

E-Commerce Projects

The key aspects of a successful e-commerce project

The introduction of an integrated e-commerce solution is a complex task. Our experienced e-commerce team successfully realises your e-commerce strategy: with innovative products and modern methods.

Implementing e-commerce projects successfully

Are you planning an e-commerce project? Would you like to introduce a modern B2B online store? Are you seeking advice and professional support? As your service provider for B2B e-commerce, silver.solutions has specialised in store projects for B2B companies.

From the planning of your e-commerce project to its implementation, including individual adaptations and go-live, silver.solutions supports you with a team of e-commerce experts, software developers, project managers and design specialists.

You receive consultingsoftware and development from a single source and can rely on using an e-commerce platform with perfectly coordinated B2B modules and processes.

9 requirements for a successful e-commerce project

  1. Clear definition of objectives
  2. Sophisticated technical concept/specifications
  3. Competent project management
  4. Modern and flexible software
  5. Interface Experts
  6. Experienced developers
  7. Skilled UX specialists
  8. Professional quality management
  9. Working in partnership and trust

Grafik Agiles Projekt

This is how your e-commerce project is realised with silver.solutions

Your individual e-commerce solution is created based on the powerful B2B shop solution Ibexa Commerce. We use our proven B2B-Connector middleware as an interface to your ERP and other systems. On request, we implement further components of the Ibexa DXP, for example the content module and personalisation, and implement the e-commerce platform according to your specific requirements.

Every target group and every product range is different. We provide you with detailed advice in advance and clarify your needs with you in workshops. In this way, you receive exactly the e-commerce platform that suits you.

Our dedicated developers, UX specialists and project managers use their know-how to ensure a professional implementation. In close cooperation with you, we implement special adaptations and extensions and integrate the desired additional modules.

We integrate your existing processes so that you can use them online, for example, the pricing logic from the ERP, extensive product data from the PIM or customer data from your CRM. We work closely with your existing partners, for example your ERP partner. We use our process know-how so that you can get the most out of these data and processes online.

Our experienced e-commerce project managers ensure that you receive your individual store solution according to the agreed targets and that your e-commerce project is successfully completed within the schedule.

What is the purpose of workshops in the run-up to an e-commerce project?

Workshops are a very efficient method to develop a common understanding of the project through dialogue. Bringing all project participants to the table ensures that all requirements from different departments are taken into account. This way, a clear vision of what your ideal e-commerce platform should look like emerges from the workshop.

In the project workshop, we work with you to define the tasks and goals of your e-commerce project. Together, we decide on the appropriate project management method - your e-commerce project is either developed in the classic waterfall principle or in an agile process. And, of course, we will answer your questions about the course of the project and the next steps.

With the insights gained from the workshop, you can now work with us to create a requirements specification that serves as a guide for us as a service provider and defines the exact features and requirements.

Why is good project management important?

All threads come together at silver.solutions, both in the classic project approach and in agile projects. We take over the communication with the customer, with the project partners and the team.

In agile projects, flexibility and customisation are most important. Only when everyone has the information they need at the right time can they work in a goal-oriented and efficient manner and lead the project to success together.

Continuous development and support

Even after the launch, we are still there for you with our expertise and support. Your e-commerce solution is online and you receive initial feedback from your customers. Maybe you would like to make further adjustments to your store or additional modules should be added after the launch.

During operation, it is important to regularly check and continuously optimise the online store with the help of analysis tools. We are constantly developing your e-commerce solution further and maintain it with updates so that you can always offer your customers the best user experience in your B2B online store.

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