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Successful e-commerce projects - What matters for your e-commerce project

Successful Projects

What matters for your e-commerce project

The roll-out of an integrated e-commerce solution is a highly complex task. Allow our expert e-commerce team to implement your e-commerce strategy in practice using innovative products and modern methods.

Eight points for a successful e-commerce project

  1. Clear definition of goals
  2. Technical concept/specification document
  3. Good project management
  4. Good software
  5. Experienced developers
  6. Experienced UX specialists
  7. Good quality management
  8. Partnership-based work and mutual trust

What is the purpose of workshops in the run-up to a project?

Workshops are a highly efficient means of establishing both a common understanding of the project and a shared vision. All project participants have the opportunity to get to know each other personally - and to get a feel for how the other person "ticks". Because trust is the basis for any good long-term collaboration.

Depending on the project type and its inherent tasks, the appropriate project management methodology is chosen in consultation with the client, usually either the waterfall or the agile approach. 

Integrated e-commerce is increasingly gaining importance as a strategic company objective. The integration of an online shop in all digital business processes is a decisive factor in terms of offering your customers the best service whilst simultaneously lowering costs. Benefit from our know-how and let us help you to define your strategy and achieve your goals.

Why is good project management so vital?

In both the classic project approach and in agile projects, all threads are pulled together with We manage communications with the client, the project partners and the team. In projects based on the agile project management methodology, flexibility and adaptation take priority. It is only when everyone involved has all the information they need –and at the right time - that they can then collaborate purposefully and efficiently to carry the project through to its successful end.

How is your e-commerce solution created?

Your individual e-commerce solution is created by our powerful standard software silver.eShop, the ERP interface and the implementation of your specific requirements. Our experienced developers and UX specialists use their know-how to achieve professional implementation. You can access the current status of your project at any time. Our quality control ensures that all project elements work together as per the design.

Done! Your e-commerce solution is now online! However, the real work truly begins after the launch. Now it is essential to test the online shop regularly using analysis tools and to optimise it on an ongoing basis.

An e-commerce project is never really finished. It needs to be analysed and optimised continuously. offers ongoing analysis, advice and optimisation of your e-commerce applications. We evaluate trends and check whether you could benefit from them. 

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