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The right platform for your B2B E-Commerce strategy

Deciding to use a B2B online shop is closely linked to the important decision of implementing a digital strategy. The key to success of any powerful digital strategy is the implementation of a fully modular and customized E-Commerce-Platform that is integrated with the needs and systems of your company allowing for a genuine improvement of the entire customer experience and journey.

Which platform fits your digital strategy?

Time and again, companies opt for a B2B online shop that proves inadequate to meet the rising expectations of customers over time. Without a digital strategy that also takes future requirements into account, B2B sales will not work.

A B2B eCommerce solution ideally grows with your company: It can be flexibly expanded, for example with useful content for online consulting on demand or a service area for long-term customer loyalty. For certain scenarios, it can even be extended with a dealer platform for the integration of your sales network. Your online platform becomes the engine of your omnichannel strategy. 

With the right building blocks, the e-commerce solution forms a fully-fledged Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that maps all facets of your B2B e-business in one platform. Therefore, integrate the existing data and processes in your company such as ERP system, PIM or CRM and use that data online. Combine content and products, offer your customers comprehensive online services and provide them with extensive self-service functions online.

B2B interfaces are key

A B2B online shop on its own is no longer sufficient in most cases today. Your B2B customers use many channels and expect an outstanding buying experience everywhere. They want to find out about products and their application online without having to talk to a customer advisor on the phone. They want reliable information about the availability of a product, and they want to buy it at their individually agreed conditions. All this can only be achieved if you connect your in-house systems such as ERP, CMS and PIM with the online shop and merge the data via an integration solution in the B2B eCommerce platform.

The interfaces are therefore a decisive factor in your B2B eCommerce strategy when choosing a B2B eCommerce solution. Only if the ERP system, PIM, content management system, but also CRM or MAM can be securely and reliably connected to the online shop can you ideally interlink your processes online. With up-to-date product data from the PIM, prices and customer data from the ERP and useful content from the CMS, you offer your customers an ideal shopping experience. Also integrate your distribution network for a dealer search to ensure seamless omnichannel shopping.

The ideal B2B e-commerce platform

Modular software such as Ibexa DXP supports the evolution of your company and your B2B strategy. The integrated B2B e-commerce solution Ibexa Commerce focuses on customer-centric, personalised offers, information and service processes along the entire customer journey. The Digital Experience Platform complements the B2B online shop with a professional content platform. Your omnichannel strategy is ideally supported by the integrated B2B e-business platform and can be extended to a retailer platform. You only ever use the DXP and shop functions that you really need and expand the platform when you want to take the next step in your B2B e-commerce strategy.

What makes the Ibexa DXP and especially the Ibexa Commerce shop software so unique is the ability to connect your ERP securely and in real time. The software is ideally prepared to use existing data and business processes from ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics AX or SAP for your digital B2B sales. For integration with PIM, CRM and other systems, the platform relies on open interfaces and powerful middleware that make connection easy.

The DXP solution supports your B2B e-commerce strategy with a modern, future-proof architecture. This means you are also prepared for tomorrow's requirements, even those that are not even on your radar today. Ibexa DXP supports Headless Commerce, for example, to offer every customer the optimal shopping experience, regardless of the channel they use.

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