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Future-proof shop with Headless Commerce

With Headless Commerce, B2B merchants look at each channel as a unique entity and deliver customized shop front-ends for each scenario. The e-commerce software provides the core functionality of the online shop in the back-end as usual. However, each touchpoint then receives an individual front-end that is perfectly tailored to the channel.


More flexibility with Headless Commerce

Manufacturers and retailers are confronted with growing demands concerning their e-commerce solution due to the increasing expectations of their B2B customers. In B2B trade, buyers have long been using multiple channels, and they expect an outstanding customer experience everywhere. In international wholesale, multi-brand and multi-store scenarios as well as country-specific differences in international shops are added to the mix, creating a desire for greater flexibility. Conventional e-commerce platforms quickly reach their limits here.

In order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in the omnichannel and in international wholesale, more and more B2B retailers are turning to Headless Commerce. The separation of back-end and front-end makes retailers flexible and ensures that the e-commerce software is also well equipped to meet future requirements, be they new social media channels or voice commerce and Internet of Things.


Benefits of the Headless architecture

  • Better customer experience through the omnichannel
  • Future-proof and easily expandable
  • Channel-specific interfaces, products and content possible
  • Individual control of multistore/multibrand shops
  • Allows for custom front-ends for international shops
  • Adaptation for Voice Commerce, Internet of Things and more

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