Ibexa DXP

The platform for optimal B2B customer experiences

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About the Ibexa DXP brochure

The Ibexa DXP is a Digital Experience Platform that consists of several modules. Each of these modules offers sophisticated tools to deliver first-class online experiences for B2B customers and increase e-commerce sales. The customer always receives exactly the right information, offers and services along their customer journey. The goal is to deliver a consistently positive customer experience that earns you loyal B2B customers.

Ibexa Content is a headless content management system (CMS) that efficiently delivers customised content to customers across a variety of channels. This makes it easy and cost-effective to work across multiple channels, markets and languages. Ibexa Experience puts the customer at the centre of everything you do, making it easier than ever to design the various touchpoints with your brand and guide your customers through crucial business processes. Ibexa Commerce provides businesses with a unified platform through which all aspects of the e-commerce experience can be customised. Ibexa Personalisation also enables highly targeted product and content recommendations to be offered, while Ibexa Cloud allows projects to be created and executed faster and more cost-effectively.

By integrating content, personalisation and commerce capabilities into a powerful digital experience platform, the Ibexa DXP enables the management of the entire customer journey.

Ibexa DXP
The platform for optimal B2B customer experiences
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