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New B2B Shop with Integration in the Dynamics NAV Industry Solution UNITOP for Lederer

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BEFORE deciding for silver.solutions, we “just” searched for a partner specialised in the combination of B2B e-commerce and Dynamics NAV/Unitop. We hit the bull’s-eye with silver.eShop! AFTER having made our decision, we would still choose the same partner, silver.solutions, again: flat hierarchies – clear points of contact – well-versed specialists in web, code, NAV and B2B – friendly, flexible, no red tape – and a great product. We hit the bull’s-eye with silver.eShop!

Markus Gebehenne, Head of Marketing/eBusiness at Lederer GmbH

B2B online shop with NAV industry solution UNITOP

With the ERP release change to Dynamics NAV with the industry solution UNITOP, a new B2B online shop is also to be introduced. Lederer would like to modernise its e-commerce offer and improve the performance and flexibility of the shop. The wholesaler contracted silver.solutions to realise this objective. The aim is to have all data in its current status ready and available in the shop at all times.

Project objectives: current data, performance and security

Lederer does not want to present the products in a product catalogue but it relies instead on a powerful search feature. This search is especially intended to cover the large number of product details and variants. For example, customers can search for the material, the standard, length or diameter of a product. Moreover, customers can enter the desired quantity of the item for the display of availability.

The shop to date has been a special development for Lederer that was largely integrated in NAV 2009. At the same time, a few special features were also implemented for the wholesaler. The new B2B shop system is to continue to offer the features that are available so far. Familiar features are also to change as little as possible for customers. Simultaneously, Lederer wants to offer useful extras for its customers by means of which their buyers can order particularly quickly and conveniently in the shop.

In the implementation of the new B2B e-commerce solution, performance is an equally important factor for Lederer as the maximum level of security. The shop is to become more user-friendly in addition and flexible enough so that it can be adjusted promptly to changing needs.

Last but not least, also responsiveness, meaning the automatic adjustment of the shop, web pages and input masks to any type of end device (desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is of course a decisive point.

Ibexa Commerce and Dynamics NAV industry solution UNITOP demonstrate their strengths

With Ibexa Commerce as the new B2B shop system, Lederer can already offer many of the desired shop features. For the bidirectional exchange between shop and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the shop uses the web service of the UNITOP ERP solution.

The data from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV industry solution UNITOP are to be mirrored in the online shop this way. Changes in the ERP system are available quickly in the webshop by means of prompt updates. This is the basis for developing a high-performance B2B shop with a powerful search feature covering all products and item details.

Powerful search feature and filter options

The search feature is an integral part of the B2B e-commerce solution. It has been adapted specifically for the requirements of the Lederer customers. Besides special filter functions for this industry (e.g. search by length, standards or diameter), the shop also offers the option to search for screws within a tolerance range of +/- 10%.

Furthermore, the search page also helps the customer screen the product range for available products: the customer enters the desired quantity that they want to order. The shop searches for products that are available in the desired quantity. As inventories are synchronised between the shop and ERP in near real-time, the shop can offer this added value.

User-friendly shop features accelerate procurement processes

A reorder list helps existing customers reorder the same products again. The customers can view their ordered items in a chronological summary of the past three years and they can place them directly into their shopping cart. In order to provide current data for this as well, the Lederer shop loads the current prices of these items out of the industry solution UNITOP in the background already and displays them to the customer.

To make ordering many items easier for buyers, Lederer now also offers a possibility in the new shop to upload order lists in CSV format or as Excel file.

Customers with a corresponding authorisation can query a custom price list for all items in the new Lederer online shop. The software generates the customer-specific prices on the fly and returns them immediately.

The shopping cart leaves it up to the customer if he wants to order right away: the shopping cart can be sent as an order or also as a request.

If a product should not be in stock, a customer can request a notification with one mouse click. As soon as the product is available again, the customer will be informed automatically by email and he can then place his order directly.

The quick order feature is another complete novelty in the Lederer online shop: a web form created specifically for this purpose enables the fast and efficient input of order items by merely entering the product number and quantity. “Fast typists” among customers will be pleased about this.

The new B2B shop unites security and flexibility

A two-factor authentication process makes the B2B shop particularly secure. On the login, the customer receives an authorisation code to complete the sign-in process.

Through an analysis of the user behaviour, for example, search queries, Lederer can continuously improve its B2B e-commerce solution and make it even more user-friendly.

Lederer profits from happy customers

With the new B2B shop, Lederer sets the course for further growth in e-commerce. Using a powerful product search and smart shop extras such as an easy reordering feature or an order list upload feature, B2B customers can shop faster at Lederer. Lederer responds to customer wishes by means of the analysis and the further development, and thereby improves user satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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