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Extend your Microsoft Dynamics AX with e-commerce

Make optimal use of the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system and connect the ERP with a perfectly tailored e-commerce platform. The platform uses processes, customer data, product information, prices and individual conditions from Dynamics AX and maps them in the B2B online shop.

E-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics AX

The e-commerce software Ibexa Commerce has been specially adapted for seamless integration with Dynamics AX. It supports companies with the challenges of modern e-commerce and utilises the established processes in the company. Existing data and tailored processes in the ERP system can continue to be used in the online shop via an interface.

The advantage for companies is obvious. They open up another sales channel: online trade. Ibexa Commerce is the ideal solution for companies that want to get more out of their Dynamics AX and enter e-commerce. The advanced e-commerce software integrates perfectly with Dynamics AX via the B2B-Connector middleware and maps the existing processes online.

Sophisticated functions for the AX shop

The shop solution takes full advantage of the integration with Dynamics AX. For example, B2B customers always see exactly the prices in the online shop that they have individually negotiated. Regardless of how complex the price logic in your ERP system is.

Your customers can also view their stored data in the online shop and, for example, select from existing delivery addresses that are provided by the ERP. They can download their invoices and delivery notes and check the status of open orders. This data is pulled up to date from Dynamics AX.

Even if the ERP system is unavailable for maintenance work, for example, the online shop is open to customers around the clock. For this purpose, a fallback system was integrated that compares the data with the AX system as soon as a connection is established again.

Perfectly matched for integration with Dynamics AX

The shop solution imports the product data available in Dynamics AX via an efficient AX interface: the middleware B2B-Connector with the appropriate adapter for Dynamics AX. Even with extensive product catalogues with numerous variants, the data in the online shop is updated very quickly.

Dealers can maintain their products in the ERP system as usual. This makes double data management obsolete. Additional training for data maintenance in a new system is also eliminated. Moreover, the ERP import avoids errors due to different data sets in Dynamics AX and in the online shop, which would be annoying for the customer.

The ideal platform for your digital strategy

Ibexa Commerce is not only a stand-alone shop solution, but also a core component of the B2B Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP, which effectively supports the further growth of your company. To do so, the platform integrates with a wide range of your company's systems while offering comprehensive content, experience and personalisation tools.

With the help of the DXP for B2B, you link sophisticated e-commerce applications with useful content and service processes to create an outstanding customer experience. With personalised products and information, you offer your B2B customers an ideal user experience.

Your customers will find all their data, conditions and workflows in the online platform. The software thus maps the entire sales process online. This includes individual framework agreements, customer-specific prices and quotation requests, but also after-sales processes such as service and RMA processes and repair orders. An automatic interface to common e-procurement systems rounds off the versatile options for suppliers and customers.

In addition, the e-commerce platform for Dynamics AX supports buyers online with intelligent functions that have been specially designed and developed for B2B trade. These include, for example, intelligent shopping basket functions and quick orders that simplify regular purchases enormously. Customer approval workflows and an order list upload also optimally support the customer.

More tools for content and product information

With useful content, retailers can optimally advise and comprehensively advise their customers in their online shop. The online platform integrates a professional Content Management System (CMS) with which companies can offer a wealth of formats such as blog articles, FAQs, images, videos or product data sheets as PDFs in the shop.

The content can be displayed specifically for the desired products and offers real added value for the customer in the shop. In return, blog articles or similar content can also be enriched with suitable products.

If, in addition to Microsoft Dynamics AX, a product information system (PIM) is also used for the central administration of product data for different channels, the B2B-Connector middleware can also retrieve the product data from the PIM. An interface specially developed for PIM systems is available for this purpose, the Middleware Adapter for PIM. The B2B platform works with all common PIM systems such as Contentserv, Informatica, OpusCapita (formerly JCatalog) and Akeneo. The online shop can process even complex product data quickly from the PIM. For all other processes, the platform accesses Dynamics AX as usual.

AX industry solutions are supported

Special Dynamics AX industry solutions have been developed for some industries, which ideally extend the ERP for the companies' requirements. For example, traders can additionally store marketing texts and industry-specific data on their product range in AX. The middleware also maps such special adaptations online with ease.

Ready-to-use processes for Dynamics AX in the B2B shop

The advantages of the e-commerce platform for Dynamics AX are also appreciated by ERP service providers. Ready-to-use processes make the integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, industry solutions and individually customised AX installations easier. Through the smart interface between online shop and ERP system, the B2B-Connector, data can be exchanged in real time.

Ibexa Commerce and the Ibexa DXP for B2B support e-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics AX versions such as AX version 2009 with Integration Framework from 4.0. The ERP interface naturally also works with newer AX versions with SOAP interface as well as with specially adapted AX industry solutions and individually extended ERP systems.

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