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Feature list

Key facts & features of Ibexa Commerce

You read in this brochure:

  • The most important aspects of Ibexa Commerce in a nutshell
  • A list of shop modules and B2B extras
  • Overview of interfaces and functionalities
  • Underlying technologies and security

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About the "Facts & Features" brochure

You are not interested in marketing messages and just want to hear the hard facts about Ibexa Commerce? This document offers you just that: You will find everything there is to know about Ibexa Commerce in a straightforward list of key points.

The document provides a compact overview of all relevant functions for B2B dealers, including features for content & commerce, ERP integration, integrated design tools, customer-friendly features around the product catalogue and search functions. Learn more about the modern architecture of the e-commerce software and which interfaces and security functions it comes with.

Feature list
Key facts & features about Ibexa Commerce
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silver.solutions is a Berlin-based service provider and software manufacturer specialising in B2B e-commerce with ERP integration and dealer platforms. Since 2000, we have been implementing sophisticated e-commerce solutions for global companies.

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