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silver.eShop Multishop - A dealer platform for your distribution network

silver.eShop Multishop

A dealer platform for your distribution network

Manufacturers and wholesalers are being subject to an increasing online demand. Customers are searching for convenient purchasing options on the internet. At the same time, retailers are still the most reliable and strongest sales channel for manufacturers. It’s a case of mastering the balancing act between the increase of online sales and preserving the sales relationship with the retailers.  An integrated software platform for retailer integration allows manufacturers to open up new pathways in online business opportunities to their dealers and at the same time, to strengthen their own brand.

The manufacturer as e-commerce platform operator

silver.eShop as a multishop platform – Watch the video and discover the advantages of a multishop solution.

Marketplace business vs. own online shop

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, you are interested in a strong online brand presence but also in a diversified retailer network. For retailers, selling online today is almost an inevitability. However, the costs associated for entering online business on a large scale are too high for many local retailers. Sales through the marketplace appear, at first glance, to be the easiest way into online trading. Retailers benefit when selling through a well-established marketplace firstly thanks to the enormous range, but often achieve lower margins than with their own online shop. For manufacturers, this marketplace business often means that they give up their control over their product presentation and market branding. 

Integrate dealers into your e-commerce strategy

How can you increase your online sales while at the same time keeping a coherent brand presentation and strengthening relations with your dealer network? With the multishop platform from silver.eShop's B2B e-commerce solution, you can give your distributors a cost-effective way to achieve a professional online presence. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, you provide central product data, list prices, images, industry news, flip-page catalogues, legally compliant texts and so much more in order to ensure that your brand and your products are presented professionally. Via the silver.eShop multishop, retailers can choose ready-made shop templates and publish their own shop with minimal effort. The solution offers a user-friendly, convenient shop building kit system for a quick set-up and easy adaptation to their own corporate design with a connection to the central platform including all content, texts and product information.

  • Strengthen your network of branches using a cross-channel strategy

    Branches and e-commerce are not exclusive, they are complementary!

    Strengthen your network of branches using a cross-channel strategy 

    Online but still local

    Local branches or stores and e-commerce are not exclusive, they are complementary! The connection of online business to local retail gives your customers several major advantages. They can choose from a wider range online, thus niche products or sizes and variants which are less in demand are also available. For collections from the retail store, any outstanding questions can be answered individually and personally, add-on or additional products offered and services presented.

    By performing an online search for a certain product, the customer will find it in various online shops. By means of clever linking of the local address the search engine suggests the closest supplier geographically, so that the desired product can either be ordered online, or purchased locally as the customer wishes.

    Service features create added value

    By checking in the online shop, the customer can see which products are in stock at the branch: Thanks to the connection of shop to ERP, local availability can be confirmed reliably. The shop can publish special service information for products requiring explanation that gives the customer the essential application know-how, and can also recommend that the customer seeks advice in his nearest branch. Special service functions, such as electronic appointments with a reminder function for an advisory appointment strengthen customer loyalty.

  • e-Commerce made easy thanks to automated processes

    Smart integration of online shop and central ERP system

    e-Commerce made easy thanks to automated processes

    Multishop Händlershops und Content

    Flexible dealer stores with central ERP 

    A partner shop can be up and running with very little investment or effort. Thanks to the intelligent connection of the online shop to the central ERP system, product data, prices and availability for the individual shops are updated automatically. In silver.eShop, the information from the ERP, the shop and the customer order is also combined and processed automatically. The shop forwards end customer orders on behalf of the distribution partner to the central ERP. In this way, retailers can procure all products automatically at their own individual dealer conditions. 

    For shipping, the multishop platform offers maximum flexibility. Distributors can offer your customers pick-up-from-store, ship-from-store, drop-shipping, or a combination of all three.

    Automated processes, seamless service

    For the end customer, there is no noticeable difference between the range supplied by head office and the products which are specific to the retailer. In the shop, a total invoice is raised automatically in the retailer’s name and sent by email. For direct shipping to the end customer from the central warehouse, delivery notes are issued in the distributor’s name.

  • The ideal e-commerce solution for purchasing organisations and associations

    Central e-commerce platform for connected local distributors

    The ideal e-commerce solution for purchasing organisations and associations

    Organise joint purchases online

    Nowadays, purchasing organisations or associations play an important role for many distributors and dealers: the bundling of purchasing leads to attractive purchasing prices and more services for partners. In the ever-expanding competition between online and offline shops, a central e-commerce platform offers a fast, simple and additional way for connected local distributors to sell their products online. A user interface which is optimised for distributors also provides a straightforward stepping stone to help the inexperienced get started with their e-commerce solution.

    For the most demanding business processes

    However, associations using silver.eShop multishop can offer an optimum solution not only for entry, but also for distributors and sales partners who want to make a bigger initial impact in online sales. Numerous well-known companies from the most diverse industry sectors are running successful B2B shops with silver.eShop, thereby illustrating sophisticated business processes in real time online. Your distributors and partners will profit from this powerful and proven shop software, and in addition to the products offered by the purchasing group, will also be able to sell the rest of their range quickly and easily online.

  • "All Inclusive" for entry, or Premium for dealers who want more

    The specialist dealer decides

    The specialist dealer decides: "All Inclusive" for entry, or Premium for dealers who want more

    Keep it simple

    Fast e-commerce entry 

    The standard package offers partners rapid entry into the world of e-commerce without the need to worry about logistics. The online shop is even configured individually during the introductory workshop, making it ready to use within just a few hours. Products appear immediately and the shop and orders are transmitted automatically to the head office, with no need for action by the dealer. Shipping and invoicing are also automated.

    Premium package for retailers who want more

    Premium functions also provide active dealers with the option to manage products and product groups in the shop, including images, PDF files and videos, own prices and stock levels. Integrated content management functions enable the publication of editorial content. The partner can host products, news and offers of services on the attractive shop landing page. In combination with a store locator based on Google Maps, this constitutes a good basis for regional visibility in search engines, which is important when it comes to showing local presence online ("local e-commerce"). 

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