Personalisation - Offer the right products at the right time


Offer the right products at the right time with personalisation

Personalisation is one of the trends in e-commerce - and not without good reason. Users who feel they have been addressed on an individual basis will not only stay for longer in your shop, they will also be more willing to purchase your products and services. Die Ibexa DXP offers three key personalisation building blocks that can improve the success of your e-commerce offer.

The three building blocks of successful personalised e-commerce 

The Ibexa DXP offers a building block for all three personalisations. These personalisation building blocks can be combined for your e-commerce platform to achieve an optimum focus on the visitor:

  • Explicit personalisation – The customer profile determines which products and content the customer sees. The customer himself can decide which content he would like to see by assigning himself to a customer group, or by selecting subject areas which he finds interesting.
  • Implicit personalisation –  Address the customer in the exact situation in which he finds himself and offer him precisely those functions or benefits which he needs at the time! Define situations using personas and link these to actions. 
  • Automatic personalisation – Interaction by the user with the website determines the kind of products and content shown, the algorithms adjust automatically, learn, and offer the user further content and products. 

Target group-based offers with explicit personalisation

In B2B shops, the clear assignment of a customer to his specific industry sector or professional specialisation is often possible. For registered customers (logged-on), the sector can be obtained from the ERP system, for example. Anonymous users can choose their assignment themselves via homepages, banners or special menu items. In both cases, explicit personalisation guides the user to a filtered product catalogue which already displays all relevant products for the product group. Experience shows that improved usability is directly reflected in higher sales.

Thus Cornelsen Schweiz offers its target group - teachers - a convenient way to filter its extensive range of school books by selecting the school type and grade/class level with a click of the mouse, leaving only the relevant titles and series on offer. For logged-on users, filtering takes place automatically based on the data stored in the ERP. This is how Cornelsen was able to significantly increase its sales.

Implicit personalisation with personas and rules

A user who has not submitted an order for a well-filled shopping cart, even after three visits, can be enticed using targeted special offers. You can win repeat customers using a specific targeted address or even a banner. This kind of personalisation will provide you with a powerful tool for many different use cases.

Implicit personalisation helps you to understand the customer’s needs in his actual situation using rules in the Ibexa DXP. By defining personas, you can describe user situations and offer every customer customised, personal benefits.

  1. With a click of the mouse, define personas for which you would like to increase conversion rates using targeted measures.
  2. Define actions such as banners, voucher campaigns and discounts.
  3. Measure conversions.

Personas can be determined according to various criteria: User origin, devices used, chosen campaigns, weather at the customer’s location, past revenue, data from their ERP or CRM and so much more. Actions and campaigns can be personalised using the information on the customer, purchase behaviour etc. known in the shop.

Schaubild Personalisierung

Automated personalisation via recommendations

On the basis of Yoochoose, Ibexa DXP offers an integrated personalisation engine (also called a recommendation engine), which analyses user behaviour and delivers personalised product recommendations. The recommendation engine learns as it does so, and thus over time, improves the recommendations, leading to sales.

The personalisation engine not only determines the right products for a customer, it also determines the content that can be recommended based on the customer’s behaviour. This gives you a decisive edge over the competition.

Automatic Personalization in the Onlineshop

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