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web.connector for SAP™

web.connector for SAP is an intelligent online interface to your SAP-System. Use all your important business processes online in real-time.


SAP ERP (formerly SAP R/3, for short SAP) is one of the most used integrated IT systems for enterprise management worldwide. The software encompasses solutions for all important business departments, from finances and controlling over buying, materials and production up to sales, distribution and even human resources. 

The web.connector for SAP supports a number of interfaces and therefore also different SAP versions:

  • SAP XI (SAP Exchange infrastructure) or PI (SAP Process integration)
  • Business Connector

The required business processes have to be provided by the SAP partner. 

Available standard functions for SAP

  • Reading contacts
  • Reading delivery addresses
  • Instant generation of orders
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Stock query
  • Reading posted sales documents
  • Reading active sales processes
  • Multi-client capable
  • Multilingual and multicurrency
  • Web-Service interface

More functions can be added by the ERP partner as required.

SAP is an ERP system that holds the world’s largest market share.  SAP has access to all customer data and product information and controls which customer receives which products at which price. As an ERP, SAP specialises in the integrated management of key business processes within the company. Make use of this important investment and rely on an e-commerce solution that brings your business processes online. 

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