Success factor B2B E-Commerce - How to position yourself for the future


Success factor B2B E-Commerce - how to position yourself for the future

Statistics show that in the B2B sector, customers search online first, then choose a supplier. However, this also means that in addition to good product information, other data also plays a key role - information about your company, good references and areas that clearly demonstrate your know-how and expertise. This calls for additional tools which a pure online shop simply does not have on-board. 

For this reason, it is vital that a successful e-commerce platform also offers CMS functions as well as shopping functions, which ideally are contained within a single system.

Good product information from PIM and ERP

For online shops to compete successfully in today's market it needs convincing product information which is unique to their offer. Ideally, product data is obtained from a PIM system and enriched by price and availability data from ERP systems. integrates PIM systems such as Opus Capita, Informatica or Contentserv directly into the shop. For the modern PIM Akeneo, offers a complete solution that cleverly integrates ERP, PIM and shop.

silver.eShop combines product data and additional content such as references, blog articles and knowledge, directly providing customers with the respective relevant information that they need. This minimises the risk of a customer leaving a site and going elsewhere to obtain information from other sources.

PIM systems enable the central management of all information and data on a company's products. The benefit is that product data such as texts, specifications, documents, images and videos, including different language versions, can be uniformly maintained for all channels. Thanks to intelligent PIM integration with the online shop, the product data in the silver.eShop e-commerce platform is always up-to-date.

e-Commerce as part of the digital strategy

Nowadays an online shop alone is unlikely to garner much success. The "online shop" project should be viewed as part of the digital strategy, and is based on further measures and actions on the road towards a viable business which is well-positioned for the future. As soon as the decision to implement a digital strategy has been made, it is vital that all departments are involved in the process as early as possible, with their wishes and objectives considered. Any questions about project objectives, the various expectations of staff and departments and the desirable synergy effects should be submitted during the initial phases. With an experienced consultancy company at hand, all players and participants will be involved in a detailed conceptual phase, thereby laying the cornerstones for the project's success.

Integrated e-commerce is increasingly gaining importance as a strategic company objective. The integration of an online shop in all digital business processes is a decisive factor in terms of offering your customers the best service whilst simultaneously lowering costs. Benefit from our know-how and let us help you to define your strategy and achieve your goals.

Manufacturers are turning into e-commerce platform operators

Amazon is also building its presence in the B2B sector on an ongoing basis. How can manufacturers position themselves? Is there a successful strategy without Amazon and the rest?

Creating your own e-commerce platform and getting your partners involved can be a concept that promises plenty of success. The combination of brand presence, sophisticated logistics and the local presence of your partners and distributors offers the end customer advantages that other marketplaces simply cannot match. 

A greater online presence and more sales: A win-win situation for everyone. Turn your online shop into an important part of the three-step sale model via special offers for distribution partners.

Manufacturers and wholesalers are being subject to an increasing online demand. Customers are searching for convenient purchasing options on the internet. At the same time, retailers are still the most reliable and strongest sales channel for manufacturers. It’s a case of mastering the balancing act between the increase of online sales and preserving the sales relationship with the retailers.  An integrated software platform for retailer integration allows manufacturers to open up new pathways in online business opportunities to their dealers and at the same time, to strengthen their own brand.

SAP and Microsoft Dynamics as the basis for B2B e-commerce

For those companies that still have reservations regarding all matters e-commerce and who have never sold online before, the reasons very often lie in the high complexity assigned to this kind of project. And with good reason. The successful roll-out of an online shop is a complex matter in the B2B environment.

Existing customer relationships and established business process should be reviewed carefully and brought online intelligently. For years now, individual prices for each individual customer, sophisticated, multilevel products, online procurement processes and customer data from decades of business relationships have been managed successfully and efficiently by the ERP system. It is mandatory to deliver this functionality also online.

Thus an online shop should be able to communicate with your ERP, PIM or CRM. Shop software which has been developed for B2C business regularly reaches its own limits in the B2B sector: It is no team player - instead, it contains all functions, including ERP features, in a single platform. 

This is where specialised e-commerce solutions for B2B companies come into play. They take existing processes into account, offering a good initial stepping stone into online sales with B2B standard functions. 

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