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Content Management System: silver.eShop and eZ Platform - a strong team

Content Management

silver.eShop and eZ Platform - a strong team

With silver.eShop and eZ Platform together, you can create websites and apps with valuable content, generate attractive product worlds and sell your products successfully – all using a single and secure platform.

Content & Commerce

Rely on one platform for your website and shop that will give your customers and editors a consistent user experience. As a content management platform, eZ provides the best prerequisites for optimising existing content and meeting the user exactly where he is. Create product information, topic features or special interest pages aimed at target groups and include the corresponding products directly. This approach will help you gain relevance to the user and increase your sales. 

Ready for the future with Headless CMS

The still relatively new term "Headless CMS" refers to content management systems that focus not only on the delivery of content in the form of websites or pages, but instead, also on the application-independent supply of content.  This is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to use content in as many different channels as possible (e-commerce, apps, newsletters, social media etc.).

Similar to Headless Commerce, Headless CMS hands you the essential tools that will help you to distribute your future content as a service via many different channels.

Headless CMS provides optimum support to users with the following tasks:

  • Content modelling and structuring
  • Content generation
  • Workflow processes and collaboration around content (including translations)
  • Organisation of content in a repository (collections, semantic networks, taxonomies)

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Multichannel and multidevice

Nowadays, the generation of content solely for a website is no longer enough. eZ Platform, and in particular, the web services and APIs available with the Enterprise Edition, allow you to share content across different channels – from the internet, tablets and mobile phones to smart TVs, digital signage and the internet of things (IoT).

In conjunction with silver.eShop, you can create an e-commerce platform that offers content and commerce for all devices and applications. Modern applications such as single page applications or progressive web apps are given access to powerful e-commerce and content functions via the integrated REST API. 

Flexible content repository

If you want to offer a good user experience, then you need to start with the right information architecture. eZ Platform offers a flexible content repository and tools that you can use to design your content model individually and to structure your content with ease.

Multilingual and multisite

Run several pages in different languages via a single content repository and share and reuse your content in a unique way. eZ is the ideal platform for managing a large number of web objects in a number of different languages.

Fit for Enterprise

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is scalable and fulfils all the requirements of a commercial Enterprise CMS. eZ adheres to best practices such as continuous integration, component test automation and behaviour-driven development.

Security takes priority

If content is one of your valuable business commodities, then the security of your content platform should be just as important as the security of your payment gateway. In fact, a security loophole on your website can cause lasting damage to your brand and your image. Regular system checks and troubleshooting ensure that your sites and apps stay secure under eZ.

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