Feature Tour - The unique range of functions of silver.eShop at a glance

Feature Tour

The unique range of functions of silver.eShop at a glance

Content & Commerce

With content management (CMS) and your shop joined in one system, silver.eShop helps you to intelligently and flexibly combine content and products. For example, you can create special interest landing pages with a blend of products and articles. Relevant products can be integrated into magazine articles so that customers can buy directly.

Landing pages via drag & drop

The PageBuilder allows you to design landing pages in a matter of minutes. Simply add elements to the web page via drag & drop ― banners, sliders, picture galleries, bestsellers, products, articles and more. You can edit the page using the on-site editing tools of PageBuilder. All without any HTML skills.

Flexible design

modern, fast, mobile

silver.eShop offers the flexible configuration and selection of various design themes at the back-end of the shop. Various standard views for catalogue overviews are available to ensure the best possible user experience for the relevant product range. The catalogue, shopping cart, wish list and quick order are optimised for convenient service on all devices.

based on: Foundation by ZURB

Guided search – for content & commerce

silver.eShop already includes a professional search engine as standard. Whether you have 1,000 or one million products, the search is always quick and comfortable. Customers can find all products and all content – in a blog, in PDFs, in a magazine, in specific topic areas or in a catalogue. Facets and filters are generated completely dynamically out of the attributes assigned to a product.

ERP Integration

Instead of "there is an interface somewhere", silver.eShop is specifically conceived and designed for ERP systems. Whether it's about prices, customers, orders or receipts: our shop asks your ERP. How does this benefit you? Instead of tedious integration projects, you receive a stable product with secure implementation times. With the web.connector we offer the appropriate interface to your ERP and transfer all relevant business processes to the online shop in real-time.

New cockpit

The improved cockpit shows key status and performance information. An overview of best selling products, best customers and other data is available to shop owners at any time. Administrators are able to find out, which keywords and phrases customers used to search for products in the shop. Also, the cockpit indicates in real time when a customer is adding products to the cart.

Quick order

Using the convenient quick order function, whole order lists can be easily and quickly uploaded as files and added to the shopping cart via drag & drop. The quick order function also enables article numbers to be directly entered on an order form and automatically makes suggestions for suitable articles. Particularly customers who place several orders really appreciate this function.

Order lists

The shop supports the creation and management of shopping cart templates and wish lists. For recurring orders, a shopping cart can simply be saved as a template and will be directly available again next time. Customers can use this function to individually optimise their internal ordering processes and follow-up orders can be placed quickly and easily.

Drag & drop product comparison

Simplify your customers’ purchase decisions by providing them with a clear comparison of several products. One click puts products on the comparison list and displays them clearly side by side. They can be rearranged in any way desired via drag & drop. For an even better overview, the push of a button enables only the criteria that differ from one product to another to be displayed.

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