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PIM integration for central data management


PIM integration for central shop data management

PIM systems enable the central management of all information and data on a company's products. The benefit is that product data such as texts, specifications, documents, images and videos, including different language versions, can be uniformly maintained for all channels. Thanks to intelligent PIM integration with the online shop, the product data in the silver.eShop e-commerce platform is always up-to-date.

One of the cornerstones for a successful digitization process is well maintained product data. High-quality product information as well as images and texts tailored to individual target groups sell more and convey the corporate image better. Product Information Management systems (PIM) are the most important tool for optimally structuring and managing product data. With an intelligent connection to the B2B online shop, the PIM becomes an integral part of a sound e-commerce strategy.

PIM integration: How silver.solutions supports you

silver.solutions serves customers from a wide range of industries, each of which has very different requirements for product data and its management due to their specific product range. Our customers use PIM systems from different vendors such as Akeneo PIM, Contentserv Product Experience Platform, Informatica MDM and Informatica MAM as well as OpusCapita jCatalog. It is also not uncommon for companies to implement solutions that add PIM functionality to their ERP system.

For example, silver.solutions offers a product for the modern open source PIM Akeneo and the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV that synchronises product data from the ERP with the Akeneo PIM. The products enriched in Akeneo PIM are transferred in real-time to the e-commerce platform silver.eShop. Thus, merchants can provide high quality product information for their online channels even faster.

With sound technical expertise, process knowledge and best practice examples, silver.solutions supports its customers in integrating data from an existing product information system into the ERP, website and online shop. After all, especially in B2B e-commerce projects, up-to-date, well-prepared product data can make the decisive difference in staying ahead of the competition.

Your partner for PIM implementation

Many customers are aware of the importance of good product data management. Therefore, during the course of an e-commerce project they decide not only for an online shop but also for the introduction of a PIM system. This will enable them to centrally control and quickly update the product data for the online shop and other corporate divisions in the future. At the same time, the information from the PIM is available for other sales channels or, for example, for different marketing materials. This significantly reduces the additional workload and avoids errors and inconsistent data in particular.

To better assess the complexity of a PIM introduction, our experts support you with recommendations and offer joint workshops to discuss the topic from all sides to make it tangible.

However, PIM integration is not a prerequisite for an e-commerce project with silver.eShop. Some customers forego the integration of a PIM system and manage the product data in the ERP solution. Enrichment of the product data in the silver.eShop e-commerce solution is also possible. The PIM connection represents a further option for companies that want to manage a large amount of product data centrally and use it in different channels.

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