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Customer references and project details

Read more about selected customer projects in our case studies and get in-depth information including project requirements, technologies and realisation. Feel free to ask for details or for personal references.

FCA Fanshop Homepage

FC Augsburg Fan Shop – The up-and-coming collection


The aim of the project was to create a modern online shop for the fan and team articles of FC Augsburg. The shop was to obtain its data directly from the ERP system of the official provider JAKO and hence always keep the latest range in stock.

Pharmaserv Shop Product group

B2B order platform for Pharmaserv

Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG

Pharmaserv has been using the Web-Connector to connect the online shop and the ERP system for some time. This year, the existing stock catalogue and online shop is to be replaced.


Connect.Euranet – university radio stations join in the discussion

Euranet European Radio Network

The basic idea behind connect.euranet is to bring together important politicians with students and citizens from the individual member states and to encourage debate about current pan-European issues. In line with Euranet’s core competence, this is primarily to be implemented through audio streams and the skilful employment of social media. Important partners in the implementation of connect.Euranet include a number of European university radio stations.

Fruchthof Homepage

Realisation of a B2B Shop for Fruchthof Nagel

Fruchthof Nagel

The objective of the project was to establish a B2B online shop containing around 1500 active items. It should only be possible for users to access the shop after logging in. Visitors without login details should be able to view the products as a catalogue without prices. As well as reducing the workload of sales staff, another important project objective is 24/7 accessibility for customers. The shop should also give the company a better online presence for potential customers.

Special requirements included unit conversion for each item (e.g. box to kg) and continuous updates for the fresh products range.

Euranet Startseite Relaunch

Relaunch of the Internet platform for the European radio network Euranet

Euranet European Radio Network

The goal of the website relaunch was to restructure the content and give the website a facelift. Euranet now places even greater focus on European themes and on promoting collaboration between the participating radio stations. The platform’s core content is made up of audio files augmented with other suitable content. Users will be able to participate more in future.

Coffema Screenshot Detail

Online shop with ERP connection for Coffema International GmbH

Coffema International GmbH

The goal of the project was to replace an existing online shop and connecting the shop to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Existing customers were to be moved to the new shop so that they experience a smooth transition. New languages should be able to be added at any time. Another important specification was the possibility of cross-selling and newsletter dispatch.

Depesche Screenshot Overview Brand

New Depesche B2B shop supersedes shopping portal

Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

The objective was to create a new B2B online shop to replace the previous shopping portal at www.depesche.com. The new shop would have to be integrated into the existing site. Depesche is active across all of Europe, so the shop would also have to be available in German, English, Dutch, French and Spanish from the outset. The shop would be connected to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to use product and customer data from there and to transmit orders directly to Navision.

Garmin partner portal quick order

ECMS solutions for partner portal with B2B Shop and ERP connection for Garmin


Aim of the joint project was the establishment of a new retailer portal with new B2B Shop in the first project phase, which was to be presented to Garmin specialty retailers at the IFA 2010. As general partner Berger Baader Hermes GmbH contracted silver.solutions as specialist for the establishment and integration of the shop as well as for the link-up with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The shop replaces an existing solution and customer data has to be migrated accordingly from the old system in order to make the transition as easy as possible for specialist retailers. The solutions employed should already consider expansions planned for a second project phase.

Development of a mobile app to display the conference programme for the eZ Conference 2010


The basic idea was to provide participants at the eZ Conference 2010 with a free application for their smartphones so they could quickly and easily see every event at a glance. As one of the focal points of this year’s conference was on new mobile terminals, this was an obvious way to practically demonstrate eZ Publish’s capability in this area.

Product list

B2B shop with link-up to AVIS and catalogue database Mediabase

ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG

The goal of the project was to set up an online shop for speciality retailers, initially targeted at the German market. In the initial project stage, the product group “mobile security” was to be made available in the shop, offering around 1200 products. In a subsequent step, further product groups were to be gradually added to the shop. The goal is to eventually offer around 21,000 products. The website was not initially supposed to be relaunched. However, the B2B shop was to be designed in such a way that certain parts of it would be usable by export customers at a later point in time. To ensure maximum cost efficiency when setting up the shop, design and a number of core functions were to be taken over from the shop project of ABUS Security Center, which is part of the ABUS Group.

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