Release Notes - New features and changes in silver.eShop

Release Notes

New features and changes in silver.eShop

Profit from regular releases that will deliver new functions and major updates. These updates ensure that the shop is up to date and will offer shop owners new options and possibilities. The shop is developed using agile project technologies.

Release silver.eShop 4.1

released June 17, 2019, supported eZ version: 2.5

Following the release of silver.eShop 4 with numerous new features, version 4.1 of the B2B e-commerce solution, which also offers innovations and technical improvements, is now available. The highlights of silver.eShop 4.1 include a new forms engine with drag & drop operation and plannable actions in the online shop, through which shop managers can deliver timed marketing measures and sales campaigns.

The storage module for product data eContent is now able to generate multilingual and readable URLs based on data from the ERP or PIM. The translated category or product names become readable URLs. In addition, silver.eShop 4.1 now supports eZ Platform 2.5 thanks to a technical update.

Release silver.eShop 4

release date 2019-01-31, supported eZ version: 2.4

silver.eShop 4 offers improvements both to shop managers and editors. The shop software now supports eZ Platform 2.4 and is also compatible with Symfony 3.

The brand new backend offers more usability for content creators and administrators. With the new Pagebuilder, integration of content and commerce is easy. Users can create the landingpages they need on-the-fly. Drag & drop features allow users to add blocks like bestsellers or product sliders without programming skills. The content of each page can be edited directly on the site. In the eCommerce-Tab, administrators are able to manage the shop’s settings.

The new cockpit is a central dashboard for shop owners that shows important data and KPI like bestselling products, best customers and keywords customers searched for in the shop.

Release silver.eShop 3.7

release date 2018-10-16, supported eZ Version: 5.4.12

The update at hand is an intermediate version on the route to silver.eShop 4. The current version supports eZ 5.4.12 and contains smaller adjustments and fixes regarding the implementation of GDPR. A few minor issues connected with translations site accesses have been fixed. A complete list of bugfixes and optimisations can be found in the PDF download.  

Release silver.eShop 3.6

release date 2017-10-16, supported eZ Version: 5.4.10

The silver.eShop update 3.6 comes with eZ Maintenance Release 5.4.10 and contains all bugfixes and patches of the CMS manufacturer. Regarding the shop version 3.6 focusses on usability improvements for B2B quick order, wish lists, basket and basket templates. All of the features above  have been heavily modified to improve the mobile user experience. 

The multishop edition is the top highlight of this update. With silver.eShop multishop, manufacturers are able to offer their retailers and sales partners an affordable option for a professional online presence. The solution has a convenient modular shop system and enables simple customisation of the user’s own corporate design. ORTHEG - a purchasing cooperative for medical supply shops and orthopaedic workshops - is the first customer to set up a retailer platform based on silver.eShop Multishop which allows its members to build their own online shops quickly and easily. The first partner shops went online in September, with other partners due to follow over the coming weeks. 

Feature overview: 

  • silver.eShop Multishop edition
  • Usability optimisations for quick oder, wish lists and shopping basket, especially in regards to mobile usability
  • Bestsellers – Bestsellers are now displayed in an attractive slider on the homepage and on category pages.
  • Contains update to eZ Enterprise 5.4.10 (maintenance release, for more details also check

New plugins:

  • Pre-defined content templates for various types of content with the Content Plugin
  • The plugin "Consumables and spare parts" delivers article related recommendations for matching consumables or spare parts
  • Voucher marketing through the ERP or the shop – now available through the Vouchers Plugin
  • Adaptive Personalisation Plugin – Using personas, it is now possible to personalise shop content and offers in real time in line with customers’ current behaviour.

Release silver.eShop 3.5

release date 2017-04-10, supported eZ Version:

The current update to version 3.5 comes with exciting new functions for even better customer service and offers some interesting new marketing features. A completely reworked design now enables flexible catalog views and design themes. Products from different categories can now be displayed differently with specialised templates depending on the complexity of the product data.

With this update silver.eShop comes with a plugin for Newsletter2Go, a versatile email marketing solution. Now is the time to start with successful, personalised email campaigns! The new interface sends selected data from the ERP to Newsletter2Go that can be used for segmentation and filtering for example according to buying behaviour, customer groups and other criteria.

Feature Overview:

  • Flexible catalog view – various design themes depending on product catagory
  • Customer specific SKUs for search and quick-order
  • Rating and Review with administration panel
  • More features to enhance products and categories with data from PIM, ERP or CMS
  • Submit additional data in the basket
  • International postal code validation with country specific rules
  • Extended search statistics in silver.eShop Cockpit
  • Enhanced offline functionality: local order history with practical administration dashboard
  • For specialist dealers: Hide prices on click
  • Opitimised "My profile" section
  • Address book now fully integrated with ERP – customers can edit address data directly in the shop and the ERP will be automatically
  • Optimised product import for NAV with multiple variants
  • ReCaptcha function for forms to limit spam
  • New overview for saved baskets

New plug-ins:

  • Newsletter2Go integration
  • Request offer
  • Availability notification

Release silver.eShop 3.4

release date 2016-11-01, supported eZ Version 5.4.5

Feature overview:

  • Plug-in: Personalized content and products with eZ Personalization
  • User friendly auto-suggest feature with "add to basket" option
  • Search in PDF, Excel or Word documents as well as extended search for backend
  • Improved translation interface with OneSky
  • Now even more flexible: Mix content & commerce
  • Improved connection to PIM through optimized product import, faster storage as well as catalogue segmentation (econtent with Solr)
  • Flexible and modern layout system with Sass
  • Online form for cancellation, RMA

Release silver.eShop 3.3 – Highlights and features

release date 2016-04-15, supported eZ Version 5.4.5

The focus of the latest version of silver.eShop is on searching. The shop now includes, as standard, a professional search engine. Whether there are 1,000 or more than 1 million products, the search is always quick and comfortable.

Customers can find all kinds of products and content, no matter whether in a blog, in PDFs, in a magazine, in specific topic areas or in a catalogue. The search function makes it possible to filter according to desired characteristics such as colour, size and technical specifications. With boosting, you can have a hand in determining which products are given priority in the results. A nice comfort function is that customers can send lists of results to colleagues or simply save them as a bookmark.

An overview of further update highlights:

  • Completely overhauled basic design, easy to adjust to individual demands
  • Improved usability – it’s now even quicker to add products to a basket, comparison list or wish list 
  • Product comparison with drag & drop 
  • Delegate function supports the sales team on-site
  • Vouchers can be redeemed with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) communication
  • The new ‘service chat’ increases the likelihood of sale and creates relationships with customers. 

Release silver.eShop 3.2

release date 2015-10-02, supported eZ Version 5.4

  • Landing page tool
  • Customer center
  • Document history
  • B2B quick order
  • Wishlist and stored baskets
  • Logging

silver.eShop Release 3.1

release date 2015-04-01, supported eZ Version 5.3.4

  • e-Commerce Cockpit
  • Payment provider Ogone, Telecash

silver.eShop Release 3.0

release date 2014-10-01, supported eZ Version 5.3.3 (without eZMatrix)

  • First silver.eShop version based on Symfony
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