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Extra modules and plugins for Ibexa Commerce

You read in this brochure:
  • An overview of all modules and plugins of Ibexa Commerce
  • Extensions for more turnover in B2B trade
  • Modules for multichannel trade and field service
  • Plugins for personalisation and customer center

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About the brochure "Extra modules & plugins"

Ibexa Commerce is future-proof and expandable. Additional functions can be developed individually or added via plugin or extra module. This allows retailers to start their shop with a solid base and then expand it step by step. The shop system thus always adapts to the retailer's requirements. Thanks to the modular structure, B2B merchants only pay for the functions of the e-commerce platform that they actually use.

A whole range of modules is available for Ibexa Commerce. In the brochure you will find an overview of the plug-ins that supplement the platform with, for example, customer-friendly self-service tools for B2B buyers, a dealer search, extensive personalisation functions or mobile app extensions.

Extra modules and plugins for Ibexa Commerce
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silver.solutions is a Berlin-based service provider and software manufacturer specialising in B2B e-commerce with ERP integration and dealer platforms. Since 2000, we have been implementing sophisticated e-commerce solutions for global companies.

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