Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

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  • How to design an optimised customer journey with a DXP
  • The perfect interaction of e-commerce, content and personalisation
  • The selection criteria for a Digital Experience Platform

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About the e-book "Digital Experience Platform"

The challenge in any business today is to deliver outstanding digital experiences throughout the customer journey - with personalisation, omnichannel communication and e-commerce. This has pushed traditional content management systems (CMS) to their limits.

Some providers are therefore cooperating closely with each other to expand their solution portfolio - including Ibexa and silver.solutions. The integration of the solutions resulted in a new type of platform - the Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The DXP is an umbrella term for a range of products that complement each other and can be seamlessly integrated to provide the technologies that enable a company to grow and succeed with its digital processes. 

The joint e-book from Ibexa and silver.solutions highlights four aspects of a DXP that need to be considered when creating unique customer experiences.

Digital Experience Platform
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silver.solutions is a Berlin-based service provider and software manufacturer specialising in B2B e-commerce with ERP integration and dealer platforms. Since 2000, we have been implementing sophisticated e-commerce solutions for global companies.

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