Questionnaire for successful e-commerce projects

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About the checklist

The more precisely all project participants are aware of the objectives of the B2B project, the better the objectives can be taken into account during implementation. You should therefore think carefully about who your offer should be designed for and where there may be changes to the current offer. Always keep an eye on the customers, because your B2B shop will only be a success if your customers enjoy using the shop extensively and with pleasure, because it brings them useful additional functions and time savings.

Also think about your product range and your pricing logic. Especially variants, sets and parts lists often present shop systems with special challenges. Therefore, check in advance whether the shop system of your choice really supports all necessary product types. Especially important: Can the variant logic be taken over from the ERP or PIM or does it have to be reproduced in the shop? If you have a complex pricing model, then you need to check all the more carefully how the prices including customer-specific conditions can be mapped in the new shop system.

Questionnaire for successful e-commerce projects
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