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E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365

E-Commerce for Dynamics 365

An e-commerce solution that brings your Dynamics ERP processes online

Are you looking for an e-commerce platform that integrates your Microsoft Dynamics ERP? Ibexa Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central combines a future-proof web shop with the business processes and data available in your ERP: Prices, products and customer data come from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Make the most of this important investment and choose an e-commerce solution that brings your processes online.

Ibexa Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was developed specifically for the requirements of this modern and successful ERP system. It uses the processes set up in the ERP and adds an important further sales channel for your company: B2B e-commerce.

Ibexa Commerce is secure and fast because the shop software uses a highly optimised integration in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP with the B2B-Connector middleware.

If your Dynamics 365 Business Central is not available, for example when you are carrying out maintenance work, the online shop is still fully functional: Because your B2B customers rightly expect e-commerce around the clock.

Your customers see exactly the customer-specific prices defined in the ERP, regardless of how complex the prices are in your ERP system.

During the ordering process, your customers can choose from the existing delivery addresses. They can access invoices and delivery notes from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the shop and see the current shipping status.

This not only saves time and money in your company, but also increases trust and customer loyalty, as your online shop always reliably provides all current information from your ERP.

E-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ibexa Commerce imports the product data already maintained in your ERP system. Specially developed for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, even extensive product catalogues can be updated in a short time. Your employees maintain the products as they have known them up to now. This reduces training costs and simplifies data maintenance.

In some Microsoft Dynamics ERP industry solutions, the ERP has been extended to include additional texts, for example, especially for marketing purposes. These texts and other industry-specific data can also be imported into the B2B shop.

In addition, Ibexa Commerce offers a convenient option to add content, videos, images or PDFs to products. This allows you to offer your B2B customers real added value by providing useful information and advice to increase customer satisfaction.

Do you use a product information management system (PIM)? In a PIM system, product data for different channels can be stored in a convenient and centralised way. The B2B-Connector middleware offers a PIM interface specially developed for PIM systems that can quickly and easily process even complex product data from the PIM and make it available in the online shop. As a result, the B2B e-commerce software Ibexa Commerce works with the most common systems, including Contentserv, Informatica, OpusCapita (formerly JCatalog) and Akeneo.

The ideal B2B platform for your digital transformation

Today, a B2B shop solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central should be able to do more than just sell. It must support the digital development of your company as a whole and offer your customers more than just online shopping. Ibexa Commerce is therefore a core component of the B2B Digital Experience Platform Ibexa DXP, which goes far beyond pure e-commerce. The platform brings together data from the various company systems and uses it to serve each customer optimally.

With the platform, B2B providers can meet the current demands for better customer experiences. In combination with clever personalisation and up-to-date data from the ERP, the customer is offered significant added value. In B2B e-commerce, it is more important than ever to optimally accompany customers along the customer journey with exactly the right content and services.

The web shop automatically offers individual product catalogues depending on the customer assortment, presents the entire sales process online (quotation requests, contract negotiations, framework agreements, etc.) and also digitally maps all necessary after-sales activities (service and return processes, repair orders).

Best conditions for B2B shop integration in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP partners know and appreciate the advantages of Ibexa Commerce and the interface for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Ready-to-use processes for the most important integration processes make it easy to connect Ibexa Commerce with industry solutions or customised ERP installations.

Ibexa Commerce supports e-commerce with many Dynamics ERP versions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV 2016 and NAV 2013 as well as NAV 2009. The ERP interface works with modern 3-tier installations as well as installations with the Microsoft Navision Application Server (NAS).

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