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Multishop project: Sonic Healthcare Germany equips its laboratories with B2B shops

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The cooperation with silver.solutions worked very well from the beginning. Sonic found a partner at eye level, and the implementation and support worked right away. The most important goal was the introduction of a Multishop platform for all labs. This can be rolled out with little additional effort. The project was a complete success.

Jean-Pierre Rüth, ERP Project Lead at Sonic Healthcare Germany

Sonic Healthcare Germany adopts shop-in-shop approach

Sonic Healthcare Germany commissioned silver.solutions to set up a Multishop environment for its laboratories. In only 6 months of project duration, the special adaptations and extensions for the provider of laboratory diagnostic services were implemented and the first shops went online.

With a multishop platform based on Ibexa DXP 4.x, Sonic Healthcare Germany can generate new online shops for its German laboratories at the push of a button. In the shops, medical practices and hospitals order sample materials for laboratory examinations and practice supplies in a specially shortened ordering process.

silver.solutions has developed a number of individual extensions for Sonic Healthcare Germany that simplify the launch of new shops and increase convenience for customers.

In the course of the project, the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX and other industry-specific business applications were integrated with the online shop using the B2B-Connector middleware.

Ibexa extension generates new shops at the push of a button

The B2B platform uses Ibexa DXP's user-friendly Site Builder, which makes it possible to generate new websites at the touch of a button. silver.solutions has extended this function so that Sonic Healthcare Germany can also generate new online shops. In a short form, the user only has to enter the name of the shop, a domain and the language of the shop - and the platform generates a new online shop complete with a few prefabricated pages including imprint, general terms and conditions, etc.

Automated processes with Dynamics AX

The labs are available as clients in the ERP, the lab shops call up their product range, customer data and other information directly from the respective Dynamics AX client. Lab-specific data such as deviating product texts can also be taken into account.

Prices and stock levels are retrieved in real time from AX.

Pre-filtered products and shopping basket templates for each customer

In the shops of the laboratories, doctors and hospitals order test material, e.g. tubes for a blood sample, which is then sent in for examination. In order to limit the product range to suit each laboratory, silver.solutions has implemented a catalogue segmentation. In addition, Sonic Healthcare can selectively activate the products down to the customer group.

To make the ordering of products even easier, there are different shopping basket templates for different specialties, specialists and departments. For example, a paediatrician is only shown the products that are relevant to him, in order to shorten the selection process. Sonic Healthcare Germany can create further templates at any time and thus create specially pre-filtered areas for certain customers. The shop users can use these templates and also customise them individually.

Integration of industry software, DMS and IAM

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics AX, silver.solutions also integrated industry-specific software and security systems with the B2B online shop in the project. This includes the identity access management system Keycloak, which offers users a single sign-on to various applications. Star.net is an order entry system that doctors can use to order laboratory tests and retrieve laboratory results, among other things, and that is linked to the online shop to generate special shopping basket templates for repeat orders. Sonic Healthcare Germany's DMS is integrated into the Multishop via the B2B-Connector so that customers can access their receipt history and download their invoices as PDFs.

A special feature is a headless checkout, which silver.solutions implemented for Sonic Healthcare Germany. This gives Sonic Healthcare Germany the highest possible flexibility and customisability and allows them to design the process individually.

User-friendly and flexible

With the new multishop environment, Sonic Healthcare Germany benefits from the latest functions of the Ibexa DXP and automates and shortens purchasing processes for the customer through pre-filtered products, a customised ordering process and the integration of ERP and industry software. The project created the possibility to generate further online shops for laboratories on-the-fly itself, so that the company can flexibly open new sub-shops for additional laboratories.

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