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Implementing a microsite for the product segment video surveillance

ABUS Security-Center Video Detail

ABUS Security-Center Video Detail

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ABUS Security-Center Video Home

We were hoping to implement a flexible layout for our editors without there being too many templates. At the same time, we wanted to always adhere to the basic layout, thus avoiding uncontrolled growth, so to speak. With this microsite, we have expanded on the original idea of focusing on blocks, which was already developed for using This way, the layout of a block of text or a picture can be modified flexibly by adapting orientation (left, right, middle) and order (via priority) without having to maintain various objects or copy data back and forth.
It’s always fun to develop new technical approaches for our web projects together with the team.

Viktoria Varga, Projektleitung ABUS Security-Center


The aim of the project was to develop a microsite that presents the video surveillance product range with a host of additional information. The new microsite is based on an end-customer-oriented, practical approach in the presentation of the individual products. The idea was to highlight specific problems and how these can be solved using technology by ABUS. A list of references was to be included to show examples from practical application.

The solution in detail

The basis of the microsite is CMS eZ Publish, which serves as a foundation of the eCommere solution silver.e-shop that ABUS Security-Center uses. For the product display, special microsite content is added to the regular catalogue data in eZ Publish; this additional content includes videos, animations and supplemental descriptions.

Product inquiries can be submitted to ABUS directly using a contact form. An integrated online survey allows visitor feedback to be incorporated in the development of the site.

The very flexible layout was the result of an innovative modular process implemented with eZ Publish. This allows employees to compile content themselves and make it attractive for end customers.

The result

The microsite presents the video surveillance products in a way that is attractive and specifically tailored to end customers. Through the CMS, content can be managed in real time. At the same time, all existing central catalogue data of the online shop are also used for the microsite.

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