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Depesche: New B2B shop for Miss Melody, Top Model and Monster Cars

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Depesche relies on Ibexa Commerce for relaunch

Depesche wants to modernise its B2B online shop and put it on a new technical foundation. After ten years of close cooperation with silver.solutions, the Berlin-based e-commerce service provider has once again been chosen to implement the project. The relaunch includes an upgrade of the latest edition of the Ibexa platform as well as individual modifications of the e-commerce platform to meet the B2B retailer's requirements.

The Project: B2B shop and catalogue for wholesale trade

In its online shop Depesche sells gifts and greeting cards from its well-known brands such as Top Model, Miss Melody and Monster Cars. The web shop is aimed exclusively at business customers, including toy stores and gift shops. Depesche also sells its assortment to larger retail chains such as Edeka.

For the first time Depesche's product catalogue is also available online for non-registered customers. At catalog.depesche.com customers can browse the product range without registering. With the catalogue page Depesche increases the visibility of its brands on the internet and can generate more demand for its products as well as new business customers.

An important factor of the project is the ERP integration with the online shop. Depesche uses the B2B-Connector to exchange data with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The smart interface ensures that the products, data and processes in the ERP can be used in the shop at any time without unnecessarily burdening MS Dynamics NAV.

Depesche benefits from B2B functions of Ibexa Commerce

With Ibexa Commerce Depesche introduces a multitude of new functions for its B2B customers. These include, for example, an even more comfortable quick order function, which allows the entry of order numbers as well as the upload of entire order lists. Saved shopping baskets allow customers to collect products before ordering, without losing the selection.

Filters on product pages with an extremely large number of variants such as card sets speed up the ordering process. Thanks to the ERP integration, registered Depesche business customers are provided with customer-specific prices reliably in the online shop. This works even if the ERP system Navision is not available.

Depesche has opted for a simple navigation structure in its new B2B shop, which focuses on the product catalogue with all its brands. Of course, the B2B dealer's customers can also access the powerful search functions of Ibexa Commerce, which include numerous filter options.

Special features of Depesche's B2B platform

For stationary retailers and branches that do not stock the entire range, there is a simple way to present the remaining products online to end customers. The salesperson can hide his purchase prices in the online shop with one click and show the customer the desired articles.

The customer can look up products that have not yet been delivered under "Backorders" in his order history.

Depesche B2B customers who operate several branches can comfortably manage these themselves. On the e-commerce platform they create their own branches and can then place orders for each store.

For the sales representative the Depesche e-commerce solution offers the possibility of generating product PDFs with order numbers at the push of a button.

On course for growth with new B2B shop

Depesche can showcase its brands such as Top Model, Miss Melody, Dino World or Monster Cars in the best possible light thanks to Ibexa Commerce. The new comfort functions make it even easier for B2B customers to order the popular trend articles and manage their stores. Depesche also benefits from an intelligent integration with its ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The Navision interface B2B-Connector makes it possible to use products, processes and data securely and up-to-date in the B2B e-commerce platform. With this successful relaunch Depesche is ideally positioned for future growth in the international market for gifts and trend products.

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