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Customer portal My Bürkert allows central administration of orders and services

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With the MyBürkert area, we at Bürkert continue to pursue our goal: Customer centricity. We would like to offer our customers further advantages with the new area and make work on the customer side easier and more pleasant. Thanks to the great collaboration with silver.solutions, this enhancement has enabled us to optimise yet another step in the customer journey.

Dennis Fuggerer, Online Development & eCommerce

Modern customer portal My Bürkert

With a new customer portal, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems wants to offer its customers convenient management options for orders, offers and services related to its products. The My Bürkert customer portal fits seamlessly into the manufacturer's website and online shop and puts the customer at the center of attention with well thought-out functions and short paths. The customer portal was implemented as a Headless Commerce application. 

New dashboards and focus on service

The customer portal is the central point of contact for customer service and for booking services related to the product. With real-time data from the SAP system, the customer maintains an overview of the status of all orders and services. The customer portal replaces the previous system and introduces new functions and dashboards.

The dashboard in the service area gives customers a quick overview of their latest inquiries, returns, and ordered services. They can also use a straightforward feedback function to help Bürkert continually improve its offering. The basis for My Bürkert is silver.eShop, the B2B e-commerce solution from silver.solutions.

All the information about an order

In the "My Orders" section of the My Bürkert customer portal, B2B purchasers get a quick overview of the status of all orders. The data is queried live from the ERP, providing Bürkert customers with up-to-date, reliable information. Customers can filter or search orders by date or status, for example, by order number, product name or article number.

By clicking on the order details, the customer can view all the information about their order and the order history. The order details are grouped by delivery, so that even if there are several part deliveries, it is easy to see which items have been shipped or are still open. The customer can call up invoices directly in the order overview for each order or for individual deliveries.

The customer can also initiate a return shipment in the detailed view of an order or order the items of this delivery again by placing them in the shopping cart with a single click. This makes it particularly easy for Bürkert customers to place recurring orders and also makes the returns process very customer-friendly.

Flexible wish lists and quotes support the approval process

Bürkert supports its customers' workflows and approval processes with several new functions. For example, customers store products in the wish list for later ordering. They can manage several wish lists with individual names that contain, for example, the products required for individual projects or departments. These wish lists can be supplemented with a note and printed or sent by e-mail.

A new feature is the "My Quotes" area. Customers can create and send a quote from the shopping cart. A Bürkert employee can also enter a quotation for the customer. Under "My Quotes", the customer adds the items of a quote to the shopping cart with a single click if he wishes to accept it.

Central place for service and returns

In the "My Services" section, the customer can contact Bürkert on various topics. Regardless of whether it's a matter of repairs or configuration support, the customer quickly submits a request to Customer Service in the My Bürkert customer portal. On-site service, training and other services related to Bürkert products are also available. Bürkert customers can also register returns in the service area. After a check made by Bürkert, returns are created in SAP and the online shop generates shipping labels and forms for the customer.

Individual customer areas and field service function

The new customer portal enables Bürkert to provide customer-specific information in sections created specifically for the customer. For example, documents with additional information or firmware for the customer's purchased products can be offered for download.

A delegate function is also part of the new Bürkert customer portal. This enables Bürkert's field sales force to provide customers with even better support in selecting the right products. For example, a Bürkert employee will then clarify the customer's needs together with the customer at an on-site appointment.

Bürkert improves the digital experience

Bürkert is expanding its online offering into a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform that ideally combines purchasing, information and services. The new customer portal My Bürkert is a central component of this customer experience.

By providing excellent support for its customers at every point of the customer journey and by making orders and returns as easy as possible, Bürkert increases customer satisfaction.

Bürkert is continuously enhancing its modern e-commerce solution and relies on silver.solutions' experience as a B2B service provider to create innovations and customer-friendly functions related to the ordering process, services and content.

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