The Team

Our colleagues are as diverse as our projects. Everyone contributes their own unique strengths and interests to the job. Teamwork and togetherness are the name of the game here.

  • Ania Hentz
    Founder, CEO
  • Frank Dege
    Founder, CTO
  • Daniel Jüdel
    Senior Software Development, Senior Project Management
  • Marcin Krzemiński
    Frontend Development
  • Mauro Altamura
    System Administration, Software Development
  • Anja Kalks
    Software-Development, Project Management
  • Daniel Mance
    Junior Software Developer
  • Andrea Zhupa
    Software Development, Project Manangement
  • Jens Görisch
    Software Development
  • Raquel Ortega Rodríguez
    Software Development
  • Susan Gutperl
  • Stefan Gross
    Software Development, Project Management
  • Benni
    The Cat
  • Isabell Reiner
    Assistant to the Management
  • Lucas Dima
    Software Development
  • Claudia Schulz
  • Jonas Schock
    Frontend Development, Design
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