7 Dec 2016

Product data for industry 4.0: PIM akeneo and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One of the cornerstones for successful digitization processes are top quality product data. has been observing for years now, that missing or low quality product information are a notorious bottleneck in the digitalization of business processes. To use product data in e-commerce a product information management system (PIM) is needed that also integrates the ERP system.

Using the PIM solution akeneo (available as Open Source or licence product) has implemented an exemplary solution of how data between ERP, PIM and online shop can be exchanged automatically. This way product data can be maintained and optimized in a dedicated system but can easily be used for all kinds of channels and applications.

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29 Nov 2016

Poll – What are your top e-commerce topics for 2017?

Interfaces, high quality content, advancing digitalisation, those are some of the trends e-commerce analysts have on their radar for the upcoming year. But it does not stop there. Automated shopping, contextual commerce, headless commerce or the Internet of things are next in line. But are these actually relevant for today's shop owners? That's what we would like to find out. Our little poll only takes a couple of minutes and you can let us know what's reallyrelevant for your e-commerce business in 2017. 

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8 Nov 2016

silver.eShop – Version 3.4 has launched

The latest shop version ships with interesting new features and various improvements. The main focus of this update is on features that personalize the shopping experience and offer additional value to the customer. It comes with "eZ Personalization", a plug-in that – once implemented and adjusted to the individual shop – automatically delivers product and content recommendations. The plug-in uses a combination of fixed rules and collected user data to the shop owner's advantage: basket values and revenues increase while at the same time the user feels understood and appreciated.

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15 Sep 2016

Ania Hentz Speaker at eZ Conference 2016

It is this time of the year again: on October 5th and 6th eZ Systems is inviting partners, customers and developers to Paris for the annual eZ Conference. This year the overall topic is "Beyond the Web". As a long-time eZ partner and e-commerce specialist Ania Hentz, CEO at, has been invited as a speaker and together with Roland Benedetti, Chief Product & Marketing Officer with eZ, are going to talk about how eZ can help to bring content and commerce closer together.

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28 Jul 2016 implements a new online shop for Cornelsen Schulverlage Schweiz AG based on silver.eShop

Cornelsen Schweiz - Frontpage

Within the space of just four months, has set up a highly-efficient online shop for the Swiss subsidiary of the Cornelsen Publishing Group that takes the special circumstances within the publishing industry in general and the requirements of a schoolbook publishing house in particular into account. silver.eShop has been used to consistently classify the product range by school level. 

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27 Apr 2016

DLRG shop stands out with its personal recommendations

The DLRG online shop, which was updated last autumn, was well received by customers, meeting the expectations of DLRG from the outset. In order to provide customers with an even more improved service and to keep sales rising continuously, implemented a recommendation engine in the shop. This automatically generates customer-specific recommendations in different parts of the shop. 

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14 Mar 2016

Internet World 2016: Content & Commerce – The future of online commerce

For and their partner eZ Systems this year's Internet World posed the ideal opportunity to present the joint solution for "Content & Commerce". The colorful booth was well received with the audience and invited visitors from a wide range of industries. With this joint trade fair presence and eZ Systems reinforce their long-standing strategic partnership and emphasise the importance of relevant content for all types of e-commerce ventures.

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26 Feb 2016

The Next Level of B2B e-Commerce – Discover more and take your chance to win Internet World 2016 Gewinnspiel

Internet World 2016, 1st to 2d of March 2016 – Find out for yourself how you can use and eZ Systems to automatically generate customised product and content recommendations and how you can score points with your B2B customers with precisely tailored content. And that's not all. Have a chat with the e-commerce and personalisation experts of eZ Systems and talk about the possibilities for your business.

9 Feb 2016

silver.e-shop 3.2 – new webshop for German life-saving organisation is online

Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V. (DLRG), a German life-saving organisation, is the largest volunteer water rescue organisation in the world with around 1,300,000 members and sponsors. The DLRG’s existing online shop was replaced by a new e-commerce solution in October 2015.This shop is connected with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the customer’s ERP system, and incorporates various DLRG-specific processes such as approval processes and budget management. 

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23 Dec 2015

Blog: B2B Commerce // Targeted and personalised shop content and product offers

A modern online shop system is expected to be able to display offers and content targeted to customers needs to increase sales figures. While this has been a standard feature for end consumer shops it is a trend that is getting more and more important in the B2B sector, too. Matching recommendations based on buying and browsing behaviour are a much used method. This type of recommendations are usually generated through a so called recommendation engine.

Currently we are preparing another interesting module for our e-commerce platform silver.e-shop that allows shop owners to personalize and target shop content – through customer segments and filters.Custom information like banners, offers or products targeted towards selected customer segments can be shown on various positions in the shop. On top of that export files with customer data can be created from a segment to use in a newsletter or other marketing tools.

Read more on the blog about how customers segments can be used in the shop and beyond.
(The blog article is currently only available in German but we are happy to answer questions in English and hold an individual webcast in English.)

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