GmbH Company News silver.eShop – Version 3.4 has launched

silver.eShop – Version 3.4 has launched

8 Nov 2016

The latest shop version ships with interesting new features and various improvements. The main focus of this update is on features that personalize the shopping experience and offer additional value to the customer. It comes with "eZ Personalization", a plug-in that – once implemented and adjusted to the individual shop – automatically delivers product and content recommendations. The plug-in uses a combination of fixed rules and collected user data to the shop owner's advantage: basket values and revenues increase while at the same time the user feels understood and appreciated.

Another highlight of the shop release 3.4 is the new auto-suggest feature for the search. Not only does it suggest simple hits, the matching hits are already grouped by type and contain a small product image. For even more efficient ordering the auto-suggest menu now contains an "Add to basket" button.

Feature overview:

  • Plug-in: Personalized content and products with eZ Personalization
  • User friendly auto-suggest feature with "add to basket" option
  • Search in PDF, Excel or Word documents as well as extended search for backend
  • Improved translation interface with OneSky
  • Now even more flexible: Mix content & commerce
  • Improved connection to PIM through optimized product import, faster storage as well as catalogue segmentation (econtent with Solr)
  • Flexible and modern layout system with Sass
  • Online form for cancellation, RMA

Get a quick overview of the main features in only 3 minutes with our new product video. Make sure to enable captions in YouTube for an English translation.

Request a webcast right now and afterwards try out all the features by yourselves in our demo shop!

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