GmbH Company News Product data for industry 4.0: PIM akeneo and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Product data for industry 4.0: PIM akeneo and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

7 Dec 2016

One of the cornerstones for successful digitization processes are top quality product data. has been observing for years now, that missing or low quality product information are a notorious bottleneck in the digitalization of business processes. To use product data in e-commerce a product information management system (PIM) is needed that also integrates the ERP system.

Using the PIM solution akeneo (available as Open Source or licence product) has implemented an exemplary solution of how data between ERP, PIM and online shop can be exchanged automatically. This way product data can be maintained and optimized in a dedicated system but can easily be used for all kinds of channels and applications.

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An integrated PIM comes with a number of benefits for the company. You can easily manage all data from one system and keep them consistent through all channels. A PIM helps you to stay in charge of your product data at all times. Find out more about the Akeneo interface for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how it can be your door opener into the world of efficient product data management.

One of the cornerstones of a successful digitalisation process is efficiently managed product data. High quality product information with images and text tailored to individual target groups sells more products and can better convey the company image. A product information management systems (PIM) is the most important tool when it comes to the optimum structuring and management of product data. With an intelligent linkage, the PIM is fast becoming an integral part of a sound e-commerce strategy.

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