Specially developed for the needs of B2B shops, its impressive powerful shop functions and integrated content platform also makes silver.eShop suitable for B2C shops. The close integration with ERP, CRM, PIM and other corporate tools with the shop software allows the smooth transfer of customer data, product data, orders and prices between the online shop and the internal systems. What makes the e-commerce solution silver.eShop stand out from other shops?

silver.eShop Multishop

silver.eShop Multishop

Multishop Platform for Distributor Integration – Integrate partners and distributors using cross-channel strategies for sustainable success in e-commerce

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New in Version 3.6
Responsive Webdesign

based on: Foundation by ZURB

Flexible design

Modern, fast, mobile

silver.eShop brings flexible configuration of design themes to the silver.eShop backend. The catalogue offers different types of views to ensure the best possible user experience for the various product lines. With Release 3.6 the user experience was optimized for shopping basket, wishlist and quick order – for comfortable operation on every device.

ERP Integration

Web Connector

On the same wavelength as the ERP

Instead of "there is an interface somewhere", silver.eShop is specifically conceived and designed for ERP systems. Whether it's about prices, customers, orders or receipts: our shop asks your ERP. How does this benefit you? Instead of tedious integration projects, you receive a stable product with secure implementation times. With the web.connector we offer the appropriate interface to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX or SAP. And your customers will be delighted with reliable stock level information and real time-prices around the clock.


ERP and shop as one team

Template debtors, ship-to-parties, delivery addresses, contacts, duplicates: silver.eShop is not only able to deal with all this, but also provides various options on how to use your established processes. The web.connector understands your ERP and provides a secure and tried-and-tested interface.

B2B service functions

Actively support your specialist retailers

Your specialist retailers consult and sell successfully to their local clients. Develop your web shop into a useful tool for them with stored baskets, offers, user administration and approval processes.

B2B customer centre

Put your customers in the driver`s seat

The customer centre is one of the key functions of a powerful B2B e-commerce solution. Other software solutions refer to this functionality as „Self Service“, „Corporate Account“ or „Multi-User Account“. The customer centre can facilitate work processes especially for corporate customers with a large number of shop users.

Never again without supplies

With the new Reorder plugin for consumables and spare parts you can now offer even more service to customers and increase sales. The shop offers article related recommendations for matching supplies and spare parts. Customers can activate a reminder that will send out a notification to reorder soon.

New in Version 3.6
Shop Funktionen

At the last minute!

One thing matters to retailers and B2B customers alike: can I place my order quickly and securely, and will everything be delivered as planned? Our quick-order function is particularly convenient for your customers: drag & drop your order from the PC, Excel or MDE device into the shop. Within seconds, your customer will see if everything is available or if something needs to be rescheduled.

I need an individual offer

No problem at all! Large quantities or specialised products can be requested easily through an individual offer. The system also allows sending in price quotes with individual offer requests if the shop owner has enabled this feature.

But where is the invoice?

Our document history provides an answer to this question 24/7 regardless of whether the order was placed via the shop or by phone. And because many customers often place the same orders over and over again, a new order is ready in just a few clicks. Simple, secure and convenient. A service your customers appreciate.

Content & commerce

Increase your sales with the seamless connection of content and shopping experience in one solution. The full integration of silver.eShop with the eZ Platform content management system makes it possible.

With content management (CMS) and your shop joined in one system, silver.eShop helps you to intelligently and flexibly combine content and products. For example, you can create special interest landing pages with a blend of products and articles. Relevant products can be integrated into magazine articles so that customers can buy directly.

Landing Page Tool


You can now offer your new shopping worlds in up to 60 languages. All landing pages can be readily translated. If your product information is already translated, texts and images can be automatically used.

Preparation is everything

Would you like to prepare landing pages and make them visible later on? No problem! Simply prepare several banners and place them in the queue. The shop will generate a new view every day: voilà!

Simple and fast

Simply combine existing products in your virtual shop window. Add videos or other content that inspires your customer.

Marketing and sales functions

Email automation with Newsletter2Go

silver.eShop offers a plug-in for the e-mail marketing solution Newsletter2Go. The plug-in supports all standard attributes of Newsletter2Go and can also submit additional individual attributes regarding shopping behaviour. Start out now with successful, personalised e-mail campaigns!


Voucher marketing either driven by the ERP system or the shop – now possible with the vouchers plugin. Create different kinds of vouchers easily to increase customer loyalty and create incentives to buy.

More marketing and sales functions

  • Rating & Review
  • Chat tool – Smart advice for customers
  • Bestseller
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Address your customers personally!

silver.eShop offers different approaches to presenting an optimally personalised set of content and functions to the customer:

  • recommendations or offers designed for customer segments
  • an automatic personalisation based on customer behaviour
  • with the adaptive personalisation you can create personas according to certain criteria (e.g. B2B accounts, private customers, sector, company size, shopping basket size, sales figures, abandoned shopping baskets, searching behaviour etc.) and display relevant special offers and banners or send out emails that are targeted for the distinct, individual personas

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