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Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAX, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP

silver.eShop for NAV, AX and SAP

Introducing an ERP system costs time and money. But in return you benefit from efficient processes and a complete overview of all aspects of everyday business. Why do the same work again (such as entering pricing, processes and customer data) when setting up an online shop, when there is another way! silver.e-shop is based on the business logic of the ERP and uses it to set up a seamless connection from the online business to your established processes.

Integration of online shop and ERP - More than just an interface

Nowadays, many manufacturers of online shop software advertise their products using the keywords 'ERP interface' or even 'ERP integration'. But you have to pay close attention to the extent to which the systems really get integrated into the business processes, whether the internet shop is perhaps an integral part of the ERP or whether the solution only provides data exchange. And where exactly is the difference anyway?

An online shop solution fully integrated into the ERP is usually an appendage to the ERP, e.g. as an extra module to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX or SAP. Usually that means only existing ERP functions can be mapped directly and access to the online shop means directly accessing the database of the ERP system. The disadvantages of such a direct integration are obvious. If the ERP breaks down the shop is also unavailable. A large number of people accessing the shop combined with additional internal access can soon lead to performance problems. On top of that it is difficult to add additional functions that do not run via the ERP.

On the other side there are interfaces that transport data via data exchange formats between the shop and the ERP system. Here the main difficulty lies in the real-time communication between the systems. Changes to stock, customer data or prices can generally not be displayed in the shop in real time, which can lead to clashes and additional work.

A genuine integration of business processes calls for a fundamentally different shop concept. This is where existing shops based on a stand-alone concept reach their limits. 

What do integrated online stores have to take into consideration? 

There is a clear division of roles for important business logic processes such as customer management, pricing and order management. In such cases the ERP must be the main system in the B2B business. This, however, places great demands on the shop and requires a high level of integration.

silver.e-shop is based on a fully integrated approach and steps in exactly where the ERP business processes are needed. Furthermore, additional processes can be integrated as needed. If for example the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is not able to correctly complete a process, silver.e-shop provides fall-back solutions. In practice, this means that the shop provides a 24/7 service even when the link to Navision breaks down.

It is possible to link and combine various systems using the Web-Connector interface. In combination with the online shop solution silver.e-shop the existing processes are mapped, enabling a genuine integration of online shop and business processes.

Your advantage: Predefined interfaces ready for use

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